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#003 From Agoraphobia and Cancer to Inner Peace with EFT with Gilli Moorhawk

#003 From Agoraphobia and Cancer to Inner Peace with EFT with Gilli Moorhawk

Gilli was attacked in a taxi in her mid-20s and subsequently developed agoraphobia and social phobia. She could no longer work in an office with other people and had to leave the media career she loved. She continued to struggle with agoraphobia for years until she discovered TFT (Thought Field Therapy) a process developed by Psychologist Roger Callaghan in 1985. In just two short sessions she was finally released from the prison of fear. Over the years she has explored many more processes and techniques to help resolve negative mind states and difficult emotions. All this research was very useful for her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she recently celebrated 10 years cancer free. 

Gilli uses the knowledge gained from her own experiences in her work as an EFT Practitioner, specialising in anxiety, infertility and sexual issues. These days she is calm and happy most of the time and wants to show that anxiety can be overcome and doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

This episode was recorded before Covid-19.

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