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#005 Stuttering And Mental Health with Brian Skelton

#005 Stuttering And Mental Health with Brian Skelton

Brian has stammered since he was a young child and it greatly affected him as he was growing up in a children’s home and didn’t have much support around him. He experienced bullying in school and later in life as an adult. Brian suffered with depression which brought with it suicidal thoughts, and on two occasions he attempted to take his own life. Depression can be common with people who stammer and Brian wants to reassure people through his experience that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and there is support out there for anyone who needs it.

Brian went to on to complete a speech therapy course which provided a safe space with people who understood and shared the experiences that he was going through and it gave him the tools and confidence to move forward with his life. He then joined Toastmasters and through his hard work and dedication was awarded as a Distinguished Toastmaster. Brian is now a keynote speaker and mentors and supports people who stammer.

This episode was recorded before Covid-19.

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