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#006 Filmmaking And The Creative Process With Dionne Edwards Transcript

#006 Filmmaking And The Creative Process With Dionne Edwards transcript


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hi I’m Suzana Kalcic and you’re listening to life in practice podcast I’m curious about the big questions in life and how we can experience more meaning and fulfillment every day join me as my guests share their challenges successes and what it means to put our purpose our bodies and our lives in practice hi and welcome to life in practice podcast this is your host Susanna and today my guest is Dionne Edwards she’s a screenwriter and director hi Dionne hello so Dionne I have known each other for many many years actually it’s been fifteen years down can you believe us fifteen years in September while here get on up salute a so down on I met at university of film school so we both are connected over passion wase filmmaking and storytelling and life yeah I know life and deliver stations and how the universe works and we’ll talk about all this stuff also used his speech to mark yeah exactly yeah I remember we had to many nights %HESITATION whenever we had a an SA jury the next day we only start the night before and yeah yeah that was we were great students clearly %HESITATION so don’t tell us a bit about so where did your love for filmmaking and storytelling start %HESITATION sent him I think it just kind of start off with me being just like kind of stuck in front of the TV when I was younger just like watching just consuming there’s a native fo anti they are them I guess like the fastest influence was like Michael Jackson Michael Jackson videos and %HESITATION just watching him and watching his magic and watching how he kind of %HESITATION bro I these kind of almost like event films that were music videos and really kind of stunned the market everyone I just got completely obsessed with that much maybe they might gain I mean there was storytelling in these videos %HESITATION and then just like kind of sitting with %HESITATION the family and kind of watching films and that’s often how we would like spends time together was free watching films start out that way so when it came to light your turn like what what was the inspiration behind some of the stories that you wanted to tell %HESITATION did they come from like your experiences from growing up or so what was %HESITATION what were your inspirations behind them %HESITATION well initially you just kind of wanna do every say it’s taken me a long time before I’ve kind of figure out the type of stories I want to tell I’d say that’s gonna take take me right in C. Adil had passed university %HESITATION the initial stories which is seen I like that kind of Steven Spielberg films and United we with patience might school say they were a bit too young to like him yeah and and but yeah I guess so if just I’m kind of getting to a certain age and kind of having a lot of life experience and figuring out the things that were really important to me %HESITATION I guess you know that I could kind of points to my mid twenties when I really started to kind of see what what to say but before that it was kind of like I was trying to tell kind of fancy phones cut kind of gangster films %HESITATION stuff that wasn’t really my own experience and then just yet as I said three kind of living life and kind of deny being in them having life love kind of relationships %HESITATION experiences that whack things going on things happening to me then you kind of start to get a sense of what it is you want to say that makes sense so tell me a bit about what was it like growing up for you like what we saw me some of the %HESITATION challenges are experiences that %HESITATION shaped shape to when you were growing up %HESITATION growing up said I grew up in foster care %HESITATION yeah I mean my life’s kinda it’s it’s been an interesting once I grew up in foster care %HESITATION before sort of the age of seven I was in quite a lot different homes and %HESITATION my mom so I’ve had mental health problems and I didn’t grab my data how kind of hardly knew him and so %HESITATION yeah I’ve spent a lot of different foster families and then at the age of when I was kind of just turning seven %HESITATION and to that with the family I stayed with rap until eighteen and he was still you know who I kind of see is my family %HESITATION but staying with them %HESITATION I was kind of on the part of the kids in the house but they had lots of %HESITATION temporary kind of kids coming in I love trouble kids is a big family %HESITATION kind of %HESITATION they were kind of interracial couples say Jamaican %HESITATION foster died and white kind of English foster mom and say %HESITATION and based kind of white working class %HESITATION but yeah kind of growing up in that environment a nice we kind of lived in a very like white working class area but then kind of have a pop on the kind of you have after carribean sort of time and say I kind of just had a lot of different things shape it may kind of culturally growing up and also kind of a lot of different %HESITATION individuals kind of coming in and I have the highest like hello troubled individuals say I think all of that I’m realizing now is kind of somehow I find its way into my work and my ability to kind of I mean I’m kind of obsessed people and see the way they kind of communique and the things that make them take that will make sense yeah it doesn’t %HESITATION what kind of man what kind of an affected to have when you I still need to grow up in a while it sounded like quite on on stable home situation I didn’t have an effect on like how you felt about yourself or how you felt about those that you’re sharing of the homeless in it’s funny because you don’t really as a kid you kind of roll with things you don’t really see it as %HESITATION unstable like that of a C. before the age of seven or whatever going into all these different heights is constantly different families I can’t really remember the effect to help me %HESITATION but eating staying with %HESITATION generally who my foster parents %HESITATION that was quite stable a stable environment in many ways even though they were lazy kids coming in and I %HESITATION say that you’re saying the fact to ask what was the yeah I like it M. did it have an effect on your self esteem or how you saw yourself in your place in the world and what you were capable of %HESITATION I guess you so if you give us the fight when you’re older you kind of see it as you get older you kind of realize the things affected you at the time I wouldn’t of night at seven and then what was going on %HESITATION yeah you know kind of going into the world and kind of graduated from university in guidance from what places and kind of you know it kind of affects you little bit them but at the time yeah definitely no yeah actually it’s something I can %HESITATION I can relate to because %HESITATION well like as you know you know %HESITATION I came into the U. K. %HESITATION because wellness I grew up in well it was called Yugoslavia at the time and there was a war so we came over as %HESITATION refugees and then when you tell people that sometimes our own wow that must it like how did you manage my psych when you’re a child you don’t know exactly S. is not any different like that was my childhood that was it I don’t know any different it didn’t it didn’t I I didn’t feel certain at the time that had any particular year affected me as as what you’re saying it was only later on that I realized actually M. %HESITATION hi I’m kind of struggling with the sense of like well where is home and then where do I where do I put a belong in all those questions are only coming up much later around the time I think I think I actually children are are a lot more resilient that we then we give them credit for definitely yeah you just accept things a lot more as well yes it does you don’t know any different you have a thing of like it should be this way it shouldn’t be this way just go okay this is happening I’m not saying this is completely normal CA which are you kind of have to remind yourself to do in other words yeah it’s still in my myself today yeah okay so %HESITATION you then moved from Bristol to go to university %HESITATION here in the big smoke %HESITATION what what was that like and why did you choose why did you decide to go to film school then here in London I well to me like being from Bristol which is like a small town in the south west of England %HESITATION still a small time actually it’s kind of a small say you haven’t been here %HESITATION I did I just where I was from like I kind of was from like kind of suburb bit of CIPD Bristol and %HESITATION I did not just kind of always wanted to get out of there and I kind of saw London is like the big city and like oh my god it’s my dreams come true and it’s a place which is kind of it is in the way it is %HESITATION and yeah I just wanted to get right there and kind of meet new people and like just get as many options I can and the idea of kind of going to film school to slay yeah you kind of want to have that time to learn your craft a way to kind of learn about more about filmmaking kind of meet different filmmakers and just like have that experience at similar people I idolize Todd’s office it’s quite different to them because that film school we were just like you know yeah it was funny like I feel like at university you you learn more about like life and experiences rather than what you’re actually supposed to be their learning but obviously I mean it’s ways film school is more of a practical kind of course it’s not lying %HESITATION not really academic yeah yeah bosses lobectomy yeah I think even if you call that a film school fully like it wasn’t necessarily one of those weird no yeah yeah the film school yeah but I mean we have some exams and seventy like these papers today yeah I kind of I’m glad I have the experience is of ultimate year when the people that I met actually sometimes I say it’s P. filmmakers like it I always wish I would study something else yeah directing the storyteller the same which will value and kind of having you kind of need to have experiences and tasting kind of things that you’re into and you need to be aware of things and like just studying film straight away it’s something that I perhaps wouldn’t have done yeah thank yeah I completely like I don’t think it’s a bad thing to say about that I don’t think you need to go to film school I mean you can learn how to use %HESITATION %HESITATION eight you can learn how to use he quit minds either on your own or like you goes you go and work I think that’s a much easier on hands on way definitely learned things inside %HESITATION yet to actually be a storyteller on a creator and done and done artist I don’t think it’s something you can necessarily learn no I mean what do you think is kind of can you learn to be I can you learn to create art I don’t think you can the surveillance I think art is born our view and it’s kinda comes from who you are your soul alive as they say kind of become really comes from the past and but yeah I do think Croft is something that I can in some insight you can kind of learn crafts %HESITATION I did the NEC that through film school like I A. certainly like initially tonight Westminster because obviously that was you know yeah it’s it’s a good place to go to but I actually I think %HESITATION the Mason jar in my learning came from actually making short films and kind of just doing I have no idea what I was doing %HESITATION but working with a bunch of people and just saying like let’s do it and I shall let everything I know I think from that rather than freezing in a film class overseas when it was a really gets like study films as well and watch things but yeah oh yeah to pay all that money to kids from school yeah absolutely so %HESITATION I’m when did you know that you wanted to be a screenwriter and director like why both %HESITATION well I kind of always wanted to be a director but it’s %HESITATION well I had access to was like most iconic pen paper %HESITATION and so that was the first thing I find myself doing was writing stories because of the to get cameras say missional either this is not not as easy and that was back in our day when it was like what was it the many TV’s and before that I was high eight cameras and if you knew about it yeah yeah I’m sorry to yeah I just not the acts I think it was when I was fifteen sixteen I got a camera but I just always was able to write and I was always writing stories anyway before I knew I what to actually direct says %HESITATION but actually I kind of %HESITATION can see th to directing through kind of being in drama class when I was right kind of thirteen fourteen and taken over the class and kind of being the one who cuts right to the place and then my drama teacher miss Baines %HESITATION she kind of neat should cancel something that and sent me to these workshops and signs that kids these workshops %HESITATION it’s called keeping it real the personal assets and then yeah this that was this %HESITATION girl there and she was still up to the class and kind of said I want to be a direct attack not a time to know what that meant and I kind of I want to do that as well but then slowly I realize that this is something that I’m really interested in because I’m always watching films and TV and %HESITATION yeah that’s something I can do it before that I went to actually act which would have been the biggest mistake ever why because I used to like to a performance of an acting stuff but I realized I think because I kind of me further into my teens like I just I’m a complete engine and it just makes you uncomfortable and so if giving up that level of control has that much for me nine zero and my access I think they’re amazing yeah yeah I think that’s really key point like having self self awareness yeah about what what what you can do and who you are as a person is likely to be able to know like what you can bring forward yeah did you did you want to direct her or was it does it like you I think it was the same as you because %HESITATION whenever I was really young so with my friend %HESITATION Arlene we actually both wrote a full length feature film screenplay which is like right before my fifteenth birthday I wanted to make sure it was done by my fifteenth birthday and %HESITATION yeah I think very much like you because I think if you write something you also want to be able to be the person to direct as well to bring your own vision to life like I couldn’t think oh I’m going to hand this over to this to someone else but at the same time to direct a piece that’s not yours also doesn’t feel like it’s not the same yes the same yeah you kind of have to find your way into it somehow financial connection is a little bit more yeah artificial search rather than if it’s coming from yeah yeah but the funny thing is I think the way the way you the way you are saying that you realize that you were doing some %HESITATION some %HESITATION performance work and you realize actually that’s not ready for you that you need to go behind the camera but I think for me it’s kind of turned out the opposite way because I was using that okay I’m going to use that way so I can hide behind the cover but I realize I’m actually on extrovert so %HESITATION actually this is like what I’m doing the the podcast for example like am I think that was one of things that held me back for a long time because I I realize okay if I want to do the things I want to do actually need to get in front of the come on the heels of voiding that for so long and then you just reach %HESITATION you reach a certain age anyways right okay you know you you’ve got to do it like bass player feel the fear and do it anyway because yeah %HESITATION but yeah and I want to actually talk about now %HESITATION so you knew you wanted to be a writer director and I know when we still have conversations in the past like you’re so keen to kind of be especially be a young %HESITATION right Sir director there’s all this like pressure like all you have to T. but now you have to do it now and I think as we’ve both experienced like the road to six S. is not how we thought it was whenever we were both like nineteen and co streaming so can you talk to me a bit about like %HESITATION what’s being like the roads to like I actually first of all like well what would you say are your main successes date and then what was like the the road to those like yeah I’m well I mean I still very much see myself as like at the start of my career yeah but it has been a long time yeah because %HESITATION yeah I’m thirty three now %HESITATION yeah kind of coming out of university yeah exactly as you said I thought I was gonna be Steven Spielberg I would say like I was gonna make you pay Steven Spielberg style kind of event film by the time is twenty one and if he wasn’t thinking about what tech %HESITATION but yeah in terms of the successes like it’s just been like a slow build at the you know everything from like %HESITATION I think one of the main things that kind of really pushed me was kind of getting on to this thing called the action internship via working title films which is like it’s still going I think by the time it’s just a huge hit his internship at this like kind of international company that lighting that is responsible for like you know kind of Richard K. as films and movies like big British %HESITATION Billy Elliot St all these like big British kind of films I it was just to be in in in in time after yeah but for me it was like my way of kind of %HESITATION sliding my script for you to them and kind of making it next year and be kind of making a film and I didn’t realize I actually %HESITATION that’s not quite the way it works %HESITATION but yes kind kind of like has a bunch of like small successes kind of what’s a little bit in the industry for production companies %HESITATION kind of size it is suggesting agents and then kind of realized at some some point that I’m kind of working for these companies I’m reading scripts for the people I’m kind of feeling really jealous of the people that I’m trying to help get that films with the visions realised and so I decided to quit and %HESITATION I think about twenty four %HESITATION and it’s kind of just get a job where I had some flexibility and to get like a kind of minimum wage jobs are that working in the cinema %HESITATION I just make short films and find a way to like yes I kind of learned as much as I could about what I was doing and that kind of took a long time that’s a lot of years by three that made a bunch of short films mass producing %HESITATION Georgia Cogan he’s like my kind of business partner has to say %HESITATION and we still work together now and we kind of just start making films together and like %HESITATION hello from us we were doing it and kind of it was like a bit of a roller coaster rides and the three making all these different phones %HESITATION as I said before you kind of date that was my film school in a way and %HESITATION then kind of got kind of swept away up to kind of making me laugh mazes which was the the show that kind of blew up and kind of a laser does to me yeah so what were some of the because you won quite a few different different awards more weight of Moses what were some of the major ones %HESITATION what was some of the major ones that iris prize %HESITATION was a major one %HESITATION that was the critics circle awards which is kind of crazy because it’s like the critics yeah it’s pretty big one %HESITATION we were and being kind to short film prize which is a good one especially Bristol fast recording came as but that kind of real yeah kind of that kind of pretty well named %HESITATION festival for quality whack %HESITATION do you go to H. B. O. with with %HESITATION yeah yeah yeah we would normally is in the H. B. a short film competition %HESITATION one of five kind of films and kind of go flying right see the American black Film Festival and like ended up showing the films that sounds pretty amazing and that HBO into that kind of %HESITATION buying the film as well kind of I’m having on the channels in the states that’s huge so I hate to be %HESITATION is like a massive platform yeah exactly I’m indicating that they should be thrown %HESITATION and they kind of go on lakes %HESITATION canal and either the French company canal and %HESITATION ends up on like I think virgin planes and like yeah it was just crazy facial foam it just it really so what do you think about why do you think we love Moses had stopped winning touch what do you think what do you think about it spoke to people okay just briefly tell us like you know and I’m not sure what the story is unlike what yeah it’s people it’s funny because I still I thought I’d get better at this but I still don’t like to reveal what happens yeah yeah I get it yeah comments will tell the story without revealing what happens but so it yeah initial it’s about a young girl could Allah and have fast obsessive crush on her brother’s best friend mazes and kind of everything that comes along with that but it’s a little also by that kind of I guess a waiting you have when you’re young and you kind of have that fast pass that you really like %HESITATION but it’s also a kind of a rip kind of a pipe conceptual it’s heavy and %HESITATION kind of %HESITATION love between brother and sister and like yeah it’s just about so many different things I think what made it so successful is that it for me it was like my mace like personal phone and it was a phone that was kind of like a passion projects for me like it was so important to me and before that like all the shots we done what kind of a waste like exercises in the way %HESITATION we kind they just didn’t have that same level of like this is something I’m absolutely itching to say we kind of almost like wanted see you learn the craft three just making these films and like they weren’t necessary films I’m like okay this is gonna be the one that I want to re present myself as a filmmaker to the wilds saying we love Macy’s kind of was that and I didn’t I I can’t really say what’s made it so successful I think that has something to do with that you know it kind of case mice my feature film night pretty red dress which is where the nine well I think it like it touched upon %HESITATION important themes about especially like you know young man as well yeah yeah how they experience their own sexuality or don’t feel like they have that freedom to in a way that that that that they would like exactly yeah yeah when there is like the themes in the R. yeah really strong and I think the actively people relate today’s %HESITATION and similarly with bright red dress as well which is kind of touching a low on kind of similar things of masculinity and secrets in kind of this thing of wanting to express oneself and feeling like you calm because if I guess the books is that people place in our society and that’s just something that I’m really interested in talking about it which is like hi %HESITATION kind of social norms and high they kind of confined people I was out why because you failed I could do for you %HESITATION I personally like don’t fit into social norms or is that something that you’ve struggled with yourself %HESITATION well you know I am so is a black queer women say but there are some things and I you know I take some boxes that yeah %HESITATION and there’s a lot of experiences I have come from my background as well coming from a co working class background and kind of you know trying to sort of navigate the wilds yeah there’s been a lot of %HESITATION yeah that’s been my main struggles through the islands that kind of I guess comes right in the what I’m talking about so let’s talk about then the road to success because it you know I’m sure whenever people like what you like when you pay %HESITATION we love Moses out there and everything and then I go wild look at D. on %HESITATION like she just got her big break she so %HESITATION okay %HESITATION so of course I’m sure do you think that luck plays a role in it like did you fill in at any point you had some luck or all this stuff needs a convo but I do think a huge sense of it isn’t like as well %HESITATION it’s it’s a lot of hard work and discipline it’s a law of %HESITATION you have to sort of daily which is pretty hard work every single day and kind of belief and a lot of years %HESITATION but then once you kind of put all that into it then it can kind of meet with lot code night lock does come because you know the same people that you me %HESITATION like for thoracic either seven people would have read it perhaps and it wouldn’t have gotten to the right hand stuff like that %HESITATION but it was kind of yeah get the success I guess you kind of need to have all the I guess the crying going into that all the hard work and then that’s when luck can kind of help as well I conscious when I’m not some people kind of the way I mean I think okay isn’t there that really %HESITATION %HESITATION famous quote saying like luck is when preparation meets opportunity I’m not sure who that was a much more articulate yes grabbing that %HESITATION so yeah so %HESITATION tell me then like what are some of the like routines that you have to put into place to make sure that %HESITATION the preparation was done I’ll be ready for the opportunity so that’s one thing for me that always came across to me was that you were so we are so disciplined dedicated and consistent on and %HESITATION patient really as well here well I always say that I am not always patient but in those are patient I always say that I’m quite naturally I feel quite lazy as a person like I kind of if I can right now you don’t see that across safe to sit in there like like I said I’m here for I’m here we do this on the safer forcing you to us %HESITATION but yeah I’m quite I I can be quite lazy so I kind of for me is just sort of necessity said like have I guess like I said C. habits my habits of ready help me %HESITATION islands I was spent a lot of years working in these jobs insults of cinemas and %HESITATION doing kind of a lot of shift work so you could if you never really have a kind of balancing of you’re in a certain time every day it’s like we’ll leave the place but I’d have to kind of really make sure that every single day I had narrowed to suspend the what I’m doing %HESITATION and that was just I’d so if because I did not say much and kind of made in so how bad then I was just yeah I was kind of it just became such a normal thing for me %HESITATION the people kind of are there it’s a bit like you name what’s going right when your case and you kind of take when he realized it kind of see something is like a big deal is the same with %HESITATION being everything’s on my because you work so hard and you know you’ll do second system actually is just to do with how bands yeah this essay to get done what you gonna get done otherwise I realize that for many young age if you die and kind of do the you know it’s not going to get stuff done now well then %HESITATION I suppose like some people they tried they like they they like work for a certain time like all like it’s not working maybe they don’t see the the %HESITATION programs so like I think %HESITATION your why is really important like what so what’s been your driving force to which helps you to do it when maybe you don’t feel like doing it I’m do you even have time to refill all you comfortable so it definitely of course yeah I mean that’s one thing about habit you just %HESITATION when you’re so used to doing something it’s not so like getting up and brushing your teeth or %HESITATION you know if your past Nick is the gem like after a while because you’re so used to it so it’s like you have to do it I’m it even like bad habits like if you can’t keep doing it all the time and we’re gonna date I even asked the supreme I mean you just have yeah graves like we can’t help it as we just say yes to it I’m kind of used the second things around %HESITATION so it’s just like it’s like not really %HESITATION for me it’s just having things I do every single day so how do you create new habits them I’m well that’s the hard part at the start of it you just have to kind of force yourself into what you do and say if you want to write every day for example like usually I get up %HESITATION and I’d like will make capitate and then %HESITATION makes breakfast and then I would just sit at my desk and I will work for like three to four hours you just have to do that every single day and for the first few days lead in the first few weeks it’s gonna be hard you gotta do in when you don’t feel like cat %HESITATION even when you’re seeing all my god I really just wanna be anywhere but here you just kinda have to force yourself there and then just after a while you just become a piece of it and say so what is the driving force and so when you when you’re when you’re when you’re not in the mood what helps you to thank well what are you noticing self sometime it just long enough about days as well for me it’s with Ryan is like allowing myself to like write badly at times say I’ll be stopped that I’m like this is just table shit while I’m writing so I would like to know yes where is anybody working on cases and it will come out and yes I kind of sit and then like allowing yourself C. right ship basically and that’s okay because sometimes you can write a few pages which you think are obsolete crappy thing what waste of time actually you’ve done the thing of saying that the next day you come back to it and you’ll have to and I actually that’s some good stuff in there %HESITATION is just doing it is doing it and it’s just it’s just repetition rates basically I’m I do have some friends who are like they have to do it through being inspired and kind of like the they went right for like a few weeks and then I’ll get really inspired and have like five days with a I Krakow whole feature film but unfortunately %HESITATION I’m just not up type of person like I need to be consistent I’m just like kind of fast I just need to have like daily habits and routines because that’s the way the best way that I work I think you know him I think it’s good for people who are struggling he kind of I got to get a lot of people saying like hygiene and people think it’s some light magic thing or some special talent but it really isn’t it’s just if you do the same things like if you don’t make your bed every single day there’s a saying that you because your body is so used to doing that he Wayne and you have to really make a conscious effort to you do every single day even when you’re feeling like he really is a once a yeah yeah and you %HESITATION touched upon on %HESITATION interesting point about how some people wait for inspiration and %HESITATION yeah except heard %HESITATION from quote from quite a few people that actually is not a good idea to wait to be inspired or to wait to be in the mood because you could be waiting a long time yeah exactly %HESITATION and there you like I’ve heard it before as you almost have to create the inspiration rather than wait for this like force from like from the outside to come in here but I do think that %HESITATION you do have to do some things to it to help the creative process and be at weather I don’t know you need to go outside I think what you touched upon %HESITATION earlier about you need to go out in the world and have experiences so tell me about about like what how you see inspiration and how do you experience it like do you ever take time out like %HESITATION I’m going to go and get inspired or is it just something that kind of comes to you or it’s funny because I or do you do you created for yourself yeah I don’t really go right and when the guard gate via inspired %HESITATION it’s so funny because it’s just so I I take a law in %HESITATION I think very very subconsciously like the way people kind of wrinkled and nasal like you know little little details of things that people say %HESITATION the way they use their voice I just I’ve always taken that stuff in and then it’s just not something I really realize this guy I think it’s a soulful going in somewhere and then when I am writing with the writing characters I realize like hi how much of that stuff I’m taking in every single day %HESITATION but I tried to like I tried to watch a lot of films I tried to kind of live life and I I’ve gone through periods where I’ve been kind of stuck in my room and hold up and docked so it isn’t very inspiring are actually there isn’t good I tried to kind of live my life the bat %HESITATION I definitely try and like take breaks and go for walks and stuff like that but I think in terms of like taking things and for me personally I can’t really be too conscious about that %HESITATION and I think to myself so I need to like get inspiration hacks and never really I think it will kind of gays in very subconsciously and to me like the same as writing as intuitive as well %HESITATION and it’s kind of amazing how much you can surprise yourself when everything is kind of pulling out of here %HESITATION yes not very conscious that makes sense yeah yeah that does make sense so when you %HESITATION actually right so when you said that that kind of do you feel like you’re kind of tuning in to something because I’ve heard of like the creative process can be %HESITATION I think it’s it was Eckhart Tolle it which I know he enjoyed his work and %HESITATION he talks about it like your your ideas aren’t really like your own it’s just you connect to the collective consciousness and you basically comment that’ll yeah become a vessel for the creative process there’s definitely something in that I think %HESITATION I think we’ve had conversations arrive a full of there’s just yeah it’s kind of like %HESITATION there is something a little bit spiritual but I think that when you kind of sit there and eat that it’s you know there’s different ways of writing for me why this past summer that slowing the rise is when I’m just sort of in this really relaxed very and it’s kind of I think it was like pose on the sons and the director said that you kind of like how fitness highs in the way so you kind of conscious but then there’s another part of you that’s kind of completely asleep but kind of and I think of like Lisa treatment is that %HESITATION you kind of a weapon now and you kind of go into this kind of are there simply is not time flies stay or whatever but yes he really goes to fly and I think when it’s so boring I if you it will missiles that yeah you’re not doing a side item that say strange it’s like that’s something I know you’re kind of maybe a topping it’s like the highest part of yourself as a human as well as in it because it’s just yes it’s like a really beautiful thing but I think sometimes a lot of the time it’s hard to get into the issue of trying to trying you have to kind of relax in the way of relax into it %HESITATION yes almost like when you’re trying to fall asleep he need to fall asleep right now in this like it’s the same thing here S. holdings he’d like to learn yourself to get into a dream state but like how would you say you did it like maybe in times like podcasting’s you think you’d have to get into the eighties yeah I think it’s about %HESITATION yes like tuning into the present moment that’s all there really is so it is about being fully present so you like you try not to be inside your head in like right now even though I have so many things I need to think about okay or the or the cameras working okay sound is as everything timing how much time do we have them talking to construct the rest there is a lot going on but the same time I need to be fully fully present in with you so we can actually this is well actually with the podcast is quite %HESITATION is really really exciting to me is because we’re kind of creating art now in a way if that makes sense definitely it’s a very collaborative process and you know you’re not sure which way the conversation is going to go in exactly always see you know I have like an idea but and that’s kind of exciting you don’t know what’s going to come up yeah definitely yeah exactly but the key is like being present and not being too much inside your head being training into your for the day exactly but then you’re playing you know even with you asking these questions are kind of going into your memory a little bit trying to kind of this popular using your mind to kinda happened to dive into something it is what it feels like yeah most of those like it’s coming from a from a presence and I’m sorry yeah I think I was in a place to writing as well I’m I’m directing as well which obviously we haven’t spoken as much but you have to kind of get that I guess directing mace feels like close to what you’re doing had like had a way where you kind of just have to kind of as much as you can but then you got on set with the actors and you have to live whatever comes to come that has to be as natural as possible and you have to kind of allow it to be exactly as it is and maybe that’s the imperfections and that but yeah it’s kind of being really present with that yeah so then yeah when you have your %HESITATION a script and then yeah you do you have like %HESITATION well you work with %HESITATION Georgia as your producer and then you have the cost you have the it says the cinematographer and everything how do you help them to see what you see like the vision that you have freedom and it’s awful yeah you know it’s just it’s hard black what a nightmare %HESITATION is it hard to communicate what own vision to other people so because obviously they have but then also do you want them to put their own spin on it as well yeah because I think %HESITATION it’s funny because it’s such a simple thing directing everyone thinks it’s some magical things actually will is is just %HESITATION kind of being the I guess you have to be the person who understands the story the Mason awaken after that the keeper of the story %HESITATION and but then you just have to kind of communicate how you want it to be told to communicate a vision for it I’m I’m in a way that’s not really hard actually communication the simplicity of community it’s so funny with communication because it can be it’s just such a simple thing actually can be really really difficult and I say the most difficult thing about directing is yeah interesting is just so many different departments different peoples %HESITATION with %HESITATION the same many different I’m moving parts and you just kinda have to be able to keep your cool and it’s kind of kind of manageable that I manage all these people manage all these voices and be able to kind of keep it really simple as well because if he starts direct especially to act is trying to say you know the scene is a bias like deep philosophy this past he’s going in where it’s in stock and would like to like for the atlas of code with it that’s just gonna yes would be herbal center it’s all about simplicity right away I’m kind of being directs %HESITATION and sometimes not to write sometimes with different actors you kinda have to hold back a bit and I’m not fool them but you kinda have to if if certain acts as they want to do some things as you have to find ways in to get them to kind of do it the way you you might wanna do all you have to accept that they’re going to do it that way %HESITATION yeah this is same different things with the right thing and they why do as a profession and second about so we die could you say do you do you of professor writing or directing or do you kind of see it as a as a whole it is a whole number it is it is a whole I mean naturally I’m quite an inch right pass and I’m not sure I would call myself a social interaction I deemed like socializing or do you like being with people but I drool management I’m ally I I kind of get and is it reenergize when I’m online so you kind of being a resume writing for me sometimes I’ve had like some yeah the most amazing like experiences just being by myself and creating a story Bakshi’s image the writing is already extra it’s profession side you have to like %HESITATION yes for many thoughts kind of typing in something that isn’t doesn’t come as naturally to me but %HESITATION I do see them as one thing because I she was saying earlier the way I just really couldn’t imagine anyone else directing my and stuff so I’ve had to kind of find my way into a bit more but kind of in in something like that the management prices of like managing people that’s the bit that Haas been harder for me I think it’s getting a lot easier and I the mark Moore do it but in terms of like creating the vision and kind of you know I’m coming up with ideas for like in the wild and building on staff and kind of creating listing bike box aside and I really enjoy yeah that makes sense yep I am I know one of the %HESITATION don’t T. a little bit of so we talked about like how is how important it is to create %HESITATION hobbits and have %HESITATION since the plane and being consistent to achieve success and %HESITATION first I’d like what is your idea of success because I know we we’ve we’ve talked about this %HESITATION quite a few times and do you think it was what you thought it was when your younger like how has your idea of what it means to be successful changed and also how do you balance %HESITATION being so focused on working really hard and then having a personal life as well has it had an impact yeah west winds of success he has a different idea I mean I think I threw you know initially when I was younger it was like making not great Feldman you know winning lots of awards and she had a kind of being a really young directs and kind of you know quite %HESITATION what sweat %HESITATION I’m surface level things in many ways I think because that’s you know there’s other things that you see is young process anything that’s okay that’s what I’m it is all about actually kind of having had you know something huge success but %HESITATION some successes with the short film have the opportunities I’ve had and kind of going through I’ve realized %HESITATION that actually yeah there’s on the surf the the things that it means something to me anymore for me I think obviously successes in within film is being able to see kind of have the opportunities to continue making films because even get more mate is kind of a miracle in a way %HESITATION save basically being being in a place where I can regularly make what is success but actually it’s not necessarily winning I am yeah winning was able to that would be very nice if that happened with my future %HESITATION what was the second part the question %HESITATION yeah I was just more because of the year you’re very focus you work hard and I was just wondering is it hard to balance out like with your personal life for I get taking care of your health and yeah she’s so let’s talk about that so kind of leaning into I’m saying about yeah well I thought this was yeah I’ve so you sort of realize that because I have confused ages when my personal life is just going kind of gone like I’ve just been just focus on what I’m doing and kind of having been socializing and just kind of completely like cut myself off and I’m yeah it’s just not it’s just not very healthy and not something I would have definitely %HESITATION changed and it will definitely change the way kids yet to sample and see basically make sure that your %HESITATION your insights with people by the relationships and kind of having really good people arrange a but %HESITATION say taking care of yourself as well like kind of the south cat being able to like and I have that that time lame wages so if maybe I if you’re not seeing anything else who just sitting there staring into space you already get it out you say we do we need them we need to kind of say to me H. Z. cel mai Kirk cousins and just sit in silence yeah it’s just yeah I don’t have as much time for that now but yeah yeah but just happen is what I think you’re pretty good with that kind of meditation thing of like being able to set off an yeah I’m like I’ve had to kind of bring more of that into my life and like just looking after myself basically %HESITATION when did you realize that %HESITATION your life felt a bit out of balance is so if just for the last ten years always felt I have balance in a way it’s been very like happens on the inside %HESITATION this year in particular like it’s been I hear flight gasping like a road okay CF may I have a friend who passed away and %HESITATION I had just yeah quite a few people lost quite a few people to share %HESITATION and then %HESITATION select custom made incredible things happenings incredible successes but kind of hard to get definitely %HESITATION it was definitely a tough emotional yes to me and that kind of made me yes kind of reassessing as things like a like a lot of things going on in my life and yeah one of the main things that came out of it was just realizing that the importance of just yeah having kind of connection and like balance and love in life flight free just like relationships with I’m friendships with people not that I didn’t have %HESITATION friendships relationships but it’s just so if you die when you’re young you kind of think that it’s all about kind of achieving and kind of getting not something and you realize actually it’s just more about your your day to day I knew they’d stay with people Ryan J. having sense yeah absolutely %HESITATION and tell me a bit about so you talk about the health and self care as well %HESITATION and Kenny can you tell me a bit about that journey like what did you learn about yourself Karen what you need to do and any new habits or changes that you made %HESITATION well this week because I’m young I’m a we’ve had conversations of thing quite a lot over the years about food and health and yeah yeah well yeah eating eating well either is a big deal I mean I’ve kind of made like just looking off that yeah just kind of thinking about what you’re eating what you’re putting on your body is like a big thing for me to share %HESITATION it makes like a slightly obsessive level side like I have had to cut it so that I a bit but yeah kinda having thinking about so much about what you’re eating what you’re consuming what’s going into your body is just so important I’m with the type of job that I have %HESITATION you have to eat a kind of flying around and kind of moving around a lot having kind of sometimes a regular sleep patterns and stuff you just gotta do what you can see and not to yourself and your birthday inside yeah that’s been something that I’ve been trying to do a lot to share I’m ready getting into that do you have any night routines or anything anything particular that you follow or is it more like an intuitive thing the yeah I mean well at the moment I thought I think you know about my digestive system is that leave the place as a result of like this sort of crazy yeah and so I’m quite limited with with love well I Karen eats bats yeah there was there was like this routine are hot in the summer of like kind of waking up going I like we can’t really are they going outside for walks right away I just love taking in everything and coming back home and and then just like make my city sit inside of my desk and just doing that whack doing about four hours away and then just taking a break and then use the rest of the day went on hell in times of doing anything because I just ninety very well with like doing any work in the often in Alaska %HESITATION but yeah kind of %HESITATION say like fitness as well networking and stuff has been the commission Jackson %HESITATION each year were like this year is going to be the year we’re going to have the cable beach body yeah still have a beach ball the big you’re in good shape now yeah %HESITATION so yeah and so what made you then decide this year like right you’re gonna because you you had a you went to see a trainer and stuff right yeah I just I think it came from because this year was such a big writing as well I’m with the script some of the right the features of stocks are in the low to the desk and even though I’ve also been doing a lot %HESITATION for the last ten years it was really nice I would have spent a lot of time at my desk and see for me it was just I’m actually realize I kind I’m quite active possibly needs let me friends and I was doing that I think we all are I think humans are meant to be many humans are I’ll tell you like a lot of people it’s quite annoying actually people that probably impassioned made to sit back and do nothing I’m so yeah I kind of enjoyed like kind of have this pretty much yet in the office needs right go to the gym as well and I work higher and like %HESITATION just me of my body I have to kind of yeah I really have to work on him yeah it feels good as well but yeah it does it does like I haven’t been very consistent with the gym at all like I I find that kind of a struggle and %HESITATION but then also with my job I’m on my feet all day I’m walking around constantly and it’s a bit different but what is has been consistent in terms of %HESITATION fitness for me as I go to dance classes summer like I will I’m not going to miss out on this like you know I’m ill learn I can’t exactly as much as I become a habit %HESITATION yeah I totally I totally cut it when you have people that you just %HESITATION yeah for yourself going toe to their times are like I’m I’ve been at home and I’m like like I feel like I’m on the fence man it was a slave yes I was yawning I was I hop the staple in your and that’s and I think you’re saying oh no like if you’re too tired you should go but now I have to go there and then one of them I will I’m having the time of my life his idea but he wanted to be seen the gym is being a struggle to make things right maybe something because you’ve got to live in joy as well thank you adding some some people maybe the Jamison for them maybe it’s like contain tennis or like go to dance class or just doing some yoga alike it doesn’t always have to be the German I think some people think yeah that that is true as well but I think there are only certain things that you can do within a gym environment looks are things I want to improve so %HESITATION but I think for me is like I I think I enjoy if I work with a trainer in that’s good because then %HESITATION they can actually see that they can actually show you the right technique because you could be doing something and you’re actually not doing it right and you’re completely installment and wasting your time and also you have that you could potentially hurt yourself is all so %HESITATION yeah yeah I will I will I will get there but it’s still it’s still very much a work in progress but I mean I’m kind of happy enough with the moment but yeah but now we’re in our %HESITATION we now we’re in our thirties %HESITATION yeah because you’ve got so you’ve got to put in a bit more work you really do I think that’s the sort of another thing as well you realize like you start to control these like aches and stuff that you didn’t happen your younger days I just get more tires and that that’s another reason why I’m just like I have to kind of be up as much as before I was younger to do anything yeah I remember like yeah when you’re younger you see and like the food they eat at as always about drinking and like I said everything hi and yeah I was fine yeah for awhile ago to seven point yeah interesting yeah well I guess what I think %HESITATION you know when you do certain things over an extended period of time you will feel that in your body because I know that %HESITATION yeah because before when whenever you weren’t eating as healthy you were kind of having complaints and stuff as well no yeah I definitely wasn’t fine yeah but yeah I do think that has something to do with you know thank my digestive system and may even like some some of the issues I’ve had I think I think it starts with like having this year I think it just yeah it’s kind of a result as a result of like not eating very well when I was younger but now you’re doing much better yeah thank you yeah it’s good stuff %HESITATION so as we begin to like slowly wrap up %HESITATION yeah %HESITATION so what have been like the main %HESITATION practices that have helped you overcome actually didn’t even talk about it would have been some of the main challenges yeah yeah did you what have been some of the main challenges some of the main challenges %HESITATION I mean it’s hard to kind of think of like what I think for me I think it’s been like a lot of kind of internal stuff %HESITATION and you know overseas come from the environment I live and then the world I live in but actually name for example being %HESITATION say like a black woman and kind of being inside what places and kind of having to kind of deal with pops not feeling like I fit in or not feeling like people understands my perspective I’m kind of sometimes just feeling like I don’t have the confidence to speak up instead of violence %HESITATION dot is that’s been something that’s been a challenge and something has brought a lot of anxiety and insecurity %HESITATION but then also has been a positive in the way because it’s something that I type into a lot in my what say you in a way you know I’m I’m kind of in some strange way like grateful for even though yeah you know you prefer not to have it but it’s kind of give me something to talk about and something to I thank god of one to kind of be something that increase for other people as well say finds its way my work and so how have you dealt with having %HESITATION anxiety and insecurity %HESITATION I’m still dealing with it you know still feel anxious to phone secure but not like you know if you if you look back at how we were when we were back at you in the ass %HESITATION insecure %HESITATION find a false alarm I think we we coined the term together to describe our %HESITATION how would you call it or I still yeah all right Sir and the like are slightly less yeah %HESITATION have a good neighbor it is I if it’s it’s hard to say it’s kind of just you know it’s something that happens not standing as you get older %HESITATION I haven’t got neighbor as I said there’s still a lot of in security and I know I think I think obviously each person will always have that button on B. C. I think you’re doing really well the things that you like you you’ve given talks you’ve been on panels your %HESITATION directing people yeah I actually think that it’s growing more comfortable with things the insecure in the anxiety is kind of grow more comfortable with the fact that yeah you you feeling this I think before the times the pass I I do expect myself and like not to have these feelings and emotions and so I think that’s where you kind of run into trouble if you’re trying to get rid of it you just thinking oh my god why am I feeling like this I will succumb for then %HESITATION you know I shouldn’t be feeling this way so for me it’s sort of been embracing that slightly %HESITATION and I will say that you know a little bit with like this idea of like being perfect as well what you dating either even like an interview like this some you know some some somewhere in my head I’m like why am I saying this sucks what my saying here and you know I’m not hopped on top of that happens now it’s happened in this interview but it sort of just allowing yourself to just be in perfect as well as Susan Jeffers says as well feel the fear and do it anyway yeah because she’s not saying like don’t feel the fear it’s like I know isn’t there a saying as well like %HESITATION it’s not courage if you’re not afraid suckers if not yeah exactly yeah he kind of is just normal human things to feel yeah you just is it as part of us and I think it’s important to you in Bryce in the why %HESITATION yeah in Bray stays these feelings the brace that discomfort and kind of just be that in as much as you can but then just kind of tell me that %HESITATION seasons was seized office I feel feel affair enter anywhere you go yeah yeah I know it’s very very true yeah because I think it will do you feel like all I shouldn’t be feeling this way I shouldn’t be doing this or shouldn’t suck well you know you should if you are feeling it obviously exactly yeah %HESITATION but yeah so %HESITATION what have been some of the key practices for you that have helped you to overcome challenges and to attain success well as I say I think it’s a quite a bit is just kind of creating a habit so that when you’re in place we’ve really not made for what you’re doing it’s time to be able to see you %HESITATION just just because the habits that you just kind of get on with it %HESITATION key practices I think it’s a bit of a like an eye rolling away but patience is just see how to have so much patience and %HESITATION you have to be comfortable with not seeing any results for a long time %HESITATION you know it’s like you kind of investing is something daily that you ready Kansei %HESITATION and yeah %HESITATION the key practices what was that there was the rest of the question yeah just like what what what are the key practices that have helped you to overcome challenges and then an attain success yes say I’ve what I sense a patient’s %HESITATION habits consistency I’m love of what I’m doing as well because that’s like a big thing you have to really %HESITATION you have to really lovely it’s a case for me like yeah it’s been like a a twelve year journey to just be at the point where I’m making my first feature film and if you’re not in love with what you’re doing if you just kind of doing as you think it’s cool you think it’s S. nice guess gonna unite would destroy it away because there’s been so many times when I do you do you feel like giving up and you have to just briefly the house three you have to kind of find that joy and yeah I see get more successes well let remind yourself of the joy of why your vision you doing in the first place %HESITATION so I just think I just really love what I’m doing and I wanna make sure that I continue to kind of remind myself about it online wow fantastic yeah yeah I completely agree and %HESITATION actually yeah because you you talked about your feature film but we’re not going to touch upon it in this conversation we’ll have you back on the when it’s ready to come out and we can we can dive deep into the feature film so we’ll keep that will keep people in suspense for now excellent athletes get them off yeah it’s been %HESITATION so just to wrap up then so %HESITATION what are some of the most important important things to your like what what do you value most and how do you put it into practice I’m well I think coming from this year I’ve had %HESITATION where there’s been some losses and so if Imation they it’s been a really difficult yeah I’ve sort of find that it’s a bit cheesy but %HESITATION for me kind of love and kind of pricing love and embracing life and being able to accept love is as been really important and it says it’s a kind of subject matter and for me that’s really important my wack %HESITATION I find that light there’s a patent every kind of film that I’m pricing wise kind of talking about it like that the insecurities occurrences but will say the %HESITATION the connection that they have with each other and it’s just something I think is really important in life %HESITATION island in sort of some someone success as well and I guess we haven’t had like too much time to kind of talk about all of that stuff but %HESITATION yeah I’d say kind of love is that is the thing that’s really something I I realized that I value the most but how does one practice it because that’s the one of the things I really want to uncover like with this podcast is you know we talk about these grands noms values and principles but what do they actually mean because you know we’ve we can hear from people like all I love your %HESITATION I near my in laws like what does that actually I think it’s like as you said it’s like in the little things that we have a lot of conversations about this sort of in a little small things that you’re doing in the Senate yes and %HESITATION in the friendships that you have and if so if what you are the act the small actions that you’re undertaking but I think it’s the same just some point to be present with people I think one of the you know I yeah I kind of think about it like you know when I think about my family and stuff like being as present as I can with them %HESITATION and that’s not set up a price I’m trying today %HESITATION and then I think self love as well I’m thinking about yourself and it’s not since everything was saying about it %HESITATION either your anxieties or in securities you’re kind of you know when you know you’re feeling impatient it’s so if %HESITATION just embracing all these things I’m feeling them as much as you can and just sort of sanctions office A. K. and then continuing on yeah like a completely %HESITATION I agree with you I think especially when it comes to love isn’t is also like a famous I proverb or quote is lying in them like the the greatest gift you can give someone is your presence here and I think that’s so true because you can have you can be in a room with someone or you can even share your life with somebody with that person isn’t present with you thank it’s it’s not really real yeah I think so when I was eight and at today’s world there’s so many distractions and so many things that can take us away from that but really about that’s all that is exactly I think that is the ultimate practice in my opinion which is yeah %HESITATION bringing conscious awareness to your life that’s really what it boils down to what you’ll say why this meal is free for the correct question rains here and ways to practice love was seeing was what do you value them a system practices thanks yeah so yeah I would definitely agree with you with the love %HESITATION and like what I’ve said about I think being present bringing your conscious awareness to yourself and to two other people %HESITATION because one of the ways to cultivate love you need to have empathy not to be able to empathize with another person you need to be able to become present with them and if you try to you know feel what they’re feeling nine dot starts he can forge a deeper connection and the other like even before embassy is trust and trustworthiness %HESITATION that is the the absolute ultimate foundation %HESITATION one of my favorite quotes of all time if I can remember it to the words I hope is by Stephen Covey and he said %HESITATION yeah trust is the glue of life it is the single most important foundation of all human relationships are of all of communication gosh I’m what I’m gonna look this up now because I don’t want to get it right %HESITATION yes is the foundation absolutely trust trust with yourself on if you okay if you don’t trust someone how are you ever going to have any kind of connection quality connection with a person and trust is everything and %HESITATION the way you practice trust Highlander for then you can say you know some people kind of because of life experiences don’t trust anyone %HESITATION that’s a whole other thing that’s quite hard because and sometimes it is cute yeah well you know you talk about %HESITATION self trust as well that’s a really important one you need to know to trust yourself and well this the thing is this %HESITATION this opens up a whole can of worms to be honest %HESITATION %HESITATION hang on a minute I’m just sorry just on the court I want to read it out yeah trust is the glue of life it is the most essential ingredient an effective communication it is the foundational principle that holds all the relationships and that’s by Stephen Covey %HESITATION opposite love them and %HESITATION what was I saying yes self trust yeah I mean this opens up a whole can of worms of a you know a much deeper conversations because the experiences that you have with people especially when you’re growing up %HESITATION if you learn to eat dot yourself then you don’t trust yourself you doubt your own in your own intuition which is I think things were like you know with me in the toys the item page inserts in a row relationships where I haven’t paid attention to my intuition and I didn’t trust myself that things were about off that were wrong %HESITATION so yeah cultivating self trust that’s that’s key but cultivating trust with others I’m not is trust can only be cultivated over a long period of time of consistency of showing up of knowing that someone has your back and those are those can happen in really small ways and it’s not about grand gestures all the time is showing up in small ways it could be like %HESITATION went to call the ways is a really nice simple way thing actually showing that you’re they’re showing that you care not saying it because some people can really talk the talk and making trouble while this person so amazing they’re my friends and like that they’ll be there for me and then you’re like oh shit well actually whenever shit hits the fan they’re like they’re gonna like that they don’t have the time or even worse they’re the ones who pick the shit in the five year thank okay what was first was my friend actually actually they’re not you know so yeah but that’s that’s you know we could spend a really long time talking about these things but yeah but again is when you bring conscious awareness to yourself you read you pay attention to how you behave then how your behavior has an impact on other people and also you %HESITATION they need to pay attention to other people and how they behave and what impact that has and you %HESITATION because you then you can talk about it with some people %HESITATION how your body feels when you’re with them do you feel contracted do you feel %HESITATION do you feel open do you feel safe do you feel like you need to be constantly like have this kind of walled up like that you’re defending yourself or your expressiveness holding yourself back so those are the small like they’re small and %HESITATION the small no nuances to pay attention to well because they they can give you a lot of clues about what’s going on but it all boils down to becoming conscious and being present %HESITATION yes anyway yeah exactly %HESITATION but yeah so yeah like I said %HESITATION we didn’t talk about the feature phone %HESITATION want to talk about that later on yeah only if it turns out all right yeah exactly in her or I will will be on hand to discuss and why didn’t see absolutely and I hope I’ll get a small role in the film as well yeah yeah yeah so it’s doing something %HESITATION interesting and the background I’m sure about this it is I would like at least one line though well that’s a bit of a bus where where we live that’s a bit say taking a bit far anything but okay we can tell you that we’ll see what %HESITATION yes anyway %HESITATION so if someone wants to find out a bit more about your work and what you do and connect and tell me what suite of Moses is there online it’s not online yet I’m really hoping it’s gonna be on I think it might be able to go on the in twenty twenty which okay coming up what month is that yeah %HESITATION save I do have tons of stuff on my art she do have a %HESITATION at TV episodes I Drexel dot co which is kind of the standard lane yes on the line but it’s part of this %HESITATION anthology series could back out which I directed the rest martial its army online but you can see me I’m on Instagram what’s your Instagram D. Ansei nobles I’m going to add things to this anyway okay so are you mainly on on Instagram I mainly on Instagram on Twitter a bit and %HESITATION deals a knowledge and but yeah Facebook Facebook not really because yeah my face but high private eye thanks okay website and then the website is W. W. dot Tang Tang films dot com yeah I’ll make sure to have the old linked up thank you so much stay on this so this is also like you know you and I we can always talk as we have done in the past all day yeah %HESITATION so this is fun thanks how may come wait to be back in the new year yeah absolutely yeah yeah never your features tons looking forward to that all right thank you so much I thank you so much for listening %HESITATION if you enjoyed this episode please subscribe and if you think that this thought someone else would enjoy it too make sure to share it with your friends until next time that’s it for now