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#007 Writing, Wellbeing And Environmentalism With Ben Starling

#007 Writing, Wellbeing And Environmentalism With Ben Starling

After completing two degrees at Oxford University, Ben has worked in The City (finance), in venture capital, as a product designer, consultant and entrepreneur.

In 2000 he began evaluating and contributing to the fledgling “wellbeing” sector. At the macro level, his work focused on the relationship between wellbeing, economics and politics; at the micro level, he has developed innovative methodologies to unite and incentivise people to improve their wellbeing. In 2006 his wellbeing concept was adopted by a major UK political party as their core philosophy.

Ben is the author of various books and articles. Recognising the importance of protecting the environment, along with the pressing need for stories featuring powerful female protagonists, his most recent novel, Something in the Water, follows Teal Douglas as she discovers the interconnectedness of all life in the context of the fragile ocean environment.

Ben is an award-winning public speaker. He achieved Toastmasters International’s highest public speaking award and in 2019 became a Gold Ambassador for the organisation. He speaks on a number of topics including wellbeing and trains people in public speaking. Ben fills his spare time keeping fit and creating intricate wellbeing-themed art.

This episode was recorded before Covid-19.

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