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#009 Activism and surviving trauma with Vicky Alhadeff

#009 Activism and surviving trauma with Vicky Alhadeff

Vicky grew up in Zimbabwe, where the racism she witnessed from a young child, led to her participation in anti-apartheid activities once she had left school and gone to the University of Cape Town. She has worked as a press photographer in South Africa, documenting the shocking lives and brutality people experienced under an apartheid regime. 

After becoming vegetarian, she had exhibitions showing the lives and deaths of cows, hens, chickens and pigs. She became a vegan in 1993 and continues to campaign and be a voice for animals.

Following the traumatic experience of being raped in 1990 in Johannesburg, her recovery was helped through great support from a few friends. She continued her photographic career but needed distance from her attack and left South Africa for the UK in 1993. She worked here as a freelance press photographer, until she became ill with ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). After 3 years of not being able to work or move much, she found a course where she learned many techniques to help her recover and now lives a very energetic life.

Her lifestyle is vegan, and she now works as a companion animal behaviourist helping dogs and cats be more understood and live more harmonious lives with their families.

Vicky also started stammering as a young adult and although she struggled with this for many years, after a few speech therapy courses she is now a Toastmaster and enjoys giving school talks.

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