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#010 Love, Relationships And Sexuality With Andrea Balboni

#010 Love, Relationships And Sexuality With Andrea Balboni

Andrea Balboni is a sex, love and relationship coach who has dedicated her life to helping people have deeply connected, passionate, nourishing and exciting long-term partnerships full of love.

She had been single for well over a decade when she decided enough was enough. She threw away all of the self-help books that never helped, took a break from speed dating, blind dating and not dating. She stopped listening to the ‘one day when you’re not looking’ and the ‘when you least expect it’ of others.

Andrea discovered new ways of thinking about love and sex. This, together with practical practices and exercises from worlds as diverse as modern psychology, neuroscience and ancient tantric and taoist traditions and shamanic and energy work began to shift things for her. And finally, she met love. Now it is her immense pleasure to help others have the same.

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