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#011 Mindset, Public Speaking And Diversity With Enna Khan

#011 Mindset, Public Speaking And Diversity With Enna Khan

Enna Khan has worked for Amazon, John Lewis and Knight Frank. She is a customer experience expert and co chair of race and faith. Her love for helping people to become confident speakers stems from her experiences in business. For years, she went into presentations without a formula, without practice and without confidence. Whilst she was able to navigate her way up the career ladder, there was always a feeling of being able to achieve more. And when working in an environment where mostly men were making the decisions and she realised that strong communication was way to influence and engage her audience. She decided to change things, and with a mentor, took part in public speaking at every opportunity, a type of exposure therapy. She then started her own public speaking business has coached several people at all levels with a focus on corporate environments.

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