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#016 Mindset And Making Millions With Sunil Patel – Transcript

#016 Mindset And Making Millions With Sunil Patel Transcript


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hi I’m Suzana Kalcic and you’re listening to life in practice podcast I’m curious about the big questions in life and how we can experience more meaning and fulfillment every day join me as my guests share their challenges successes and what it means to put our purpose our bodies and our lives in practice hi welcome to your life and practice podcast this is your host Suzana today my guest is %HESITATION Sunil Patel he’s a %HESITATION %HESITATION entrepreneur and %HESITATION I %HESITATION motivational speaker and %HESITATION I got to know him through a a great I’m a conference %HESITATION which he created %HESITATION brought over at Gary V. which I’m a huge fan so I’m so grateful I was able to be a part of that and to have a chance to connect with you so welcome to the show Sunil welcome thank you great to have you here so am I want to start with because I can in that conference you actually shared your whole journey how you you did already powerful speech and I want to sort of if you can take us back to that a bit enough to share it with those with those people hate hate hate who weren’t there J. two M. so they can hear like some of the some of the challenges that you’ve had to face especially you know how how you were how you were %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION brought up like some of the challenges that you faced %HESITATION while you while you were young yes %HESITATION for the Gary Vaynerchuk invent the challenges well two years earlier are the high need to speak he doesn’t maybe speak for everyone so the way I approach speakers is that I won %HESITATION the stock the industry I’m not happy with the way entrepreneur training is done and I want to destruct the industry I am surf people so I’m very straight person and there’s no there’s no type of motive to make big profits are %HESITATION I’m in a training events it was to serve people because what I saw in the industry will so bad you know not every event’s organizer has bad intentions but there’s so many who just want to sell sell sell and it’s not fair so you know what is the cost to guide his team and then they came back and they said yeah we can work together so then the event was running well tickets were selling good and cold okay unfortunately all right and ninety percent of event organizes council events we need to make sure I have it correct I have is I don’t not quit even pressing quit on my mac to stop the computer I don’t know what the computer is just something ingrained in me from a young age so I said no I’m not gonna quit I’m gonna reschedule so we had %HESITATION about four hundred tickets sold in the first come down and I put a video out only about twenty Oscar reforms they trusted me right so then the second lockdown came everyone was saying why don’t you just cancel the event glad to be scheduled event a second time I need more refund claims came maybe fifty sixty came through and I couldn’t blame them and then I thought no I’m not gonna quit so then we set the date you know I and most of the event’s organizer counseling going virtual spotlight no I I started this event I’m gonna finish it and I want to finish strong I don’t want to give an example to the public on what assistance is this easy to talk so many people pope pope pope pope pope but what organize it takes two and a half years to finish in the event right and I thought no I’m going to do it and then the biggest challenge was three weeks before the final settlement date I get an email from Gary Steen dot London is so you can use double full coverage we might have to cancel again we might have to you know reschedule again because god is the children didn’t want to take a risk with the children and then I couldn’t tell no one so I just wanna let leadership I had thirty crew members hotel rooms booked people flying from five countries it’s three weeks ago and I’m getting a message saying they might cancel the event will be on the USA side so this is where our full right I need to learn leadership now it’s okay being lone wolves building multi million pound property portfolio but now I have %HESITATION seven eight hundred tickets sold and I will think of them so I let me to ship so that was the biggest challenge and then I didn’t reply %HESITATION quickly I didn’t apply for support this is a very sensitive laptop and I emailed back Gary and his team maybe a week often I said all of us have kids I have I’m a single parent I would pull up you know so I said bill parents here everyone’s worried about the kids you know but days ninety eight hundred tickets sold and every precaution was going to be done from the time you enter the hotel from the time released that’s going to be every precaution W. a gap between the staging you they’ll be every precaution we can take and I said %HESITATION and I’m a person I don’t bow down to nobody I don’t know nobody nobody super famous for me that I have to bow down so I will be back in the lab so in the end of the letter I wrote I said if you believe me or not I care about and to put this I’m doing this but on the net if you believe me or not trying to block some of the telephone book and asked if at the event took place I think they realize this but I’m gonna be in the team David this guy going to give up this guy’s gonna he’s he’s that that have to take they despise what they can know so I had to like a cobra snake a Congress doesn’t have to bite everybody right but sometimes the cold will have to go up and show himself or herself you have to buy everybody if the adults now right but sometimes you go show this you go so dark and I have to show this to get this event to go through not only using yeah and I’m I’m really glad that it that it came out that it came through that everything was fine in the end it was a really really great events and so where does this come from then this drive to just not give up it came from dropping out of the education system so %HESITATION when I was younger I was in Hounslow closely each and I don’t know I was in the classroom I was a bit stone so does the fashion if people believe it or not most of these calls universities in the student union and people are smoking weed and drinking a second question going on right so I was a bit stoned in the classroom at the back of the classroom and the teacher who’s a business teacher and it was like out of the back of the classroom and he was just talking talking talking he was being a bit racist awful because he wrote some paper bar and he wrote something Maximo se side the paper something in the US as well as this guy right was the most off and he was taking the Mickey out how people spoke right in those awful people say in that in that in that hello in the vocabulary right in south London west London we speak different so he was taking the Mickey out of Asian people in the classroom say all the car you guys speak you say in it or the time of the socks in the back well what’s in his teacher I never thought about it what from him one of the lead from the start so I put my hand up I said Sir what business is having run in your life yes be quiet don’t ostracism the cost still disrupting the class I’m older my friends in the classical W. Y. soon asking this question it was a serious question for my soul because from a young age I Christian education system otherwise dish why are you teaching me how to measure a circle I don’t know how to measure a circle I wanna learn about animals and nature I like make sure all right so anyway I said no Sir I’m in the process I’m not being cheeky I’m not saying this to be jacked allowed in the classroom I want to know so how many businesses have you run this is a business plus so he was the oldest students were staring at him was a big moment in my life as well here and even I never run a business he goes to me I’ve never run a business so I think it’s the first intelligent question I’ve often that Duncan’s and the students full value so does go a bit intelligence said he’s bamboozled the teacher so I said what are you going to teach me your one twenty thousand pounds salary a year you’ll be checking to the classroom you try to teach us about business studies but you’ve never run a business in your life so how do you know what it is to fail and succeed I found a letter from Richard Branson I kept quiet in the back and I think my boss simply you went from the twelve I had to do that in the end in the lunch break so then I played on my mind four weeks a week so I said I’m sick of this guy’s not one of the %HESITATION what kind of business are teaching something this was like you know I started thinking along to the %HESITATION across ended the year stop smoking and drinking for two months it was a VTech national diploma are drinking and smoking not forego six often pastas it was sixty percent %HESITATION exam forty percent coursework so the coursework was driving me crazy so I said to some girls lacrosse is going up or you’ll you’ll pay for that your task that we’ve done this is no if you copy gonna get in trouble so I changed the words just give me the can you please please so they gave me I changed the words hello this is doctor I could get it must start with what motivated Dr what is this is going to teach me how to run a business Bob Costas amazing breaks and I had a place in Manchester university I’m not full I would go for the lifestyle most of the damage occasion I want to go through the lifestyle you know go you need leave all my friends and make some new friends there how about living the holes or whatever or something said no I’m not having a teacher who might be teaching me seventy percent crack again so that I talk to our I didn’t go to university in the two years of deejaying drinkin Smokin undergo about hybrids to be honest right because you can it always leads to more more more you end up with the wrong crowd and most of the people you hang on to your friends they just want to put money in to get me to govern stuff so but I don’t really influence people back on this phone call there but looking back in my life the two years I never went to university those are the two best years of my life because all deejaying with my friends we made the %HESITATION DJ group or high voltage my current rainfall of the name high voltage from a train station there and we were just doing house parties and colleges and we were just getting drunk and stoned and whatever are you working to hard drugs like prostate drugs and things like that right well you know nice girlfriend carefree you know those two years I’m not condoning base but I never went to university then I thought I’m never going to go units last year I’m not going to do it right but then it was like last got serious your current carrier in that life you end up in jail we end up dead you can carry on drinking and smoking a whole book on life I know for sure and %HESITATION as you say it’s like what we actually really learn %HESITATION when you go to these %HESITATION like to go to this class if like especially now I think the the the fees to go I think it’s something like nine grand a year yes like what what do you actually paying for because if you’re not gonna learn the skills that he actually needs to use it and in in %HESITATION in real life yes all right also the streets I learned more from the world out there in the streets then I learn in any classroom up in it but I have some good teachers when I was in secondary school and that kindness the woman a teacher believes in unity just being nice I love this that if you can be nice to a child and you can make a child feel confident and all well done we’ve done a pretty good %HESITATION try again you can really elevate somebody so I love this park which cases hello from the cracked teaches but when I was younger if you was looking dentist chair there are a lot like you right now all right %HESITATION all the days that my brother stays there so they used to have like training right what the teacher could get grab their interest at heart right but then I don’t know some of the kids look back at our hotel I’m not saying it’s right but I learned that if the cheese so my goal I’m a single parent yeah also how often two years off after three years off she was wonderful because of personal problems right calls and everything what the %HESITATION positivity I give her yes so far you’re so amazing wow you all these words are put into operation you are stuck with who you are this you are back right she walks around thinking she’s a genius already sure we do things are set to a like wow I mean she fails in the school she felt something in school absolute you tried your best right I said you go films I was definitely a subject how do you what might be in a black lives music poetry works with the big greatest artist in the world in my family bloodline for why we six so I said look what should the doctor must be one side but I said if you look good at something don’t mean your failure the school education system makes you believe if you fail your bad if you fail your exam you go home you’re in trouble it teaches you look you look like a failure from the apostle how many times how many times have I failed making my first million pounds I also right this last event got a bunch of different I make no profits I made no profits right I was speaking to the bank manager yesterday I said integrity offense was created three years ago it’s my first company I’m a property Geyer I’m a hustler I work for this company integrity events here we had a thousand people every Thomas no profits because we overspent our budget on Facebook Facebook helps you if you are a very rich person they don’t help the average person there’s no phone line nothing so the casino euro gambling is gonna down look at the blueprints changing every time if you got one thousand pound extend life was to start I know case who’s sixty five died I don’t think people should disclose just dies quite right he’s gone underground by just a Facebook say yes certainly help so my point is I failed federal the bank manager I said integrity events is three years eighty percent of new businesses in the UK fail in the first three years we have expanded from two thousand eighteen to now the turnover is going like this the email list is three thousand real focus people I don’t harass them I don’t have time to even email to set up something I’m sure people will watch this back to the garden via French thinking bloody hell we don’t want to email from students sending anything hi Brian you are not like house to me I will offer you something that’s going to give you value they run right so my point is if if I go up said no profit Eric Thomas Gary V. me schedule three times ten thousand %HESITATION deficit but still I got six I will ask this with my turnover we bought some school boards some things and the point is if eighty percent of businesses a fading are most of those people who are failing have business plans they’ve been to university there they go all the figures right it had meetings with the back when the judge of all financial adviser who never asked for books and so can you tell me can you tell me I’ve never been university three years ago I’m sorry I’m to put our best company in U. K. right now all the time let the dogs and deliver him to nearly a thousand or thousand people are the videos are coming out next week six thousand pounds all over filming right the card is no loss it is not ten thousand deficit I paid ninety seven thousand but the A. V. I. paid nearly seven thousand pounds of the video guides fourteen thousand I’m not in the loss with those videos %HESITATION assets now stage out in the hall if I were to go on stage he’s going to say a hundred thousand pounds if you want to call somebody staging speak basic training ground fifteen zero I created my own age so it’s not a loss is a loss anyone watching this video can say discuss what being university this guy’s come off drugs alcohol been through a bit depression Vincent so much hardship in his life but this might have been three years creates the talk one of the top five and two for the training businesses in in the UK yeah that’s amazing so I just wanna take you back to just about it so when you did you know when you were taking drugs drinking and having those %HESITATION at when you’re going through those %HESITATION %HESITATION challenges what did you actually do to %HESITATION to help you stop that when the first thing I thought was alcohol because there is a problem with alcohol in my family right so often family members stuff up on apple and when my parents passed away what was the sole I knew that if I carried on drinking any kind of escalating and escalating that who’s gonna take care of my system the gamble it was a gamble carried on drinking because it’s a very good thing to do the medicine right you can just drink drink drink drink drink yeah well I said no I called take the risk so what I’ve done I’ve done a hundred boxes on the wall I wrote a char stop drinking four Hundred Days after a Hundred Days if you feel like drinking karaoke don’t selecting can then move on I’ve done it I finished a Hundred Days and I said no I’m gonna carry on and yes it was so goddamn hard because the body physically was used to have the amount of alcohol I was young I was strong right well you can heal back up when you go to Spain %HESITATION you’re going to protect you and your friends are you not big not club I’m a guy go night club I want to go on the stage I want to go to the table I’m this type of guy music this is completely blacked out yes yes we get off the damn table that’s with our goal imagine with alcohol well I’m not right so it’s like the hawks is really hard going to a party and then have a cigar or something and our red gold and you want to get drunk I want I want to get started sometime well just so painful out there it’s so painful good people suffer so much all right let me get drunk let me get stoned yeah absolutely let me just go into that world there what for me that’s my sister okay looking at me saying this man my brother who’s with many family members left he’s alcoholic he’s on drugs he’s a he’s on drugs %HESITATION you know what to meet the mice myself down maybe if my sister like you know wasn’t around or something why don’t you live longer than me and maybe I would want to come back with it not because a week because of is is if you can control it is still about things you can control it was a bloody dangerous it’s a business right right the business %HESITATION cigarettes and alcohol is more dangerous than read right yeah the government’s makes so much money in the royal family makes so much money on alcohol taxes and gambling government instead highest suicide rate in the world is from gambling addictions but they make money so it’s a really nasty our society we live in where the things are breaking society they allow it they can donate yeah I am a hundred percent and it does it makes you think like how much do they actually care about %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION people’s health you know all the things that they’re doing especially in like in these current times while like is that is the driver behind everything ready because they care about people’s health but that’s a whole other topic M. so what it sounds like to me is kind of the the care that you felt for her that that %HESITATION helped you too I guess deal with the pain that you had to I’m going on is that right yes you mentioned where does my persistence come from right so waitress driving distance come from is my own education yeah so when I dropped out of university I was broke I was struggling and then I couldn’t raise any money the prince’s trust refused me I’ve done some top clubs I’ve done some everything to get my confidence back to the C. V. couldn’t raise any money ideal part time jobs here and there so then why did they instead of low millionaire what %HESITATION how how it was born it’s because I said what do I do like I’m just stock come off alcohol drugs I go about five hundred pound in the bank it was a red possible those days and the mine was like the Haas log basically the hustler and people don’t tell people this so no don’t I said no I don’t care I went to the only place these guys in the Midwest you get student loans I’m gonna go and get a student loan and I’m going to use this to bite to hustle I want to make money because everyone is using me I’m not going to break the rules I’m not going to break the law I’m not gonna go robin Steele someone %HESITATION so so we work right one time when I was younger I tried to sell me I did up smoking most of the dark stuff do you know what yeah yeah one so we are we still friends with heavy smoke so much less try and sell it because the dominoes fall cool as we said let’s do our thing for a couple of weeks and come back we come back this is mostly just so accessible to five pound goals I’m did it kind of tennis and I’m still not I submit the worst drug dealers in the world leave this yeah we’ve got our own hello so anyway going back to get assistance what it consists so what the university grounds four thousand eight hundred pounds it’s a lot of money is like fifty thousand pounds those days in the bank I don’t know but looks I said all right I’ve left a dictation I said look the best advice I can give to people who have common sense it’s not really it’s not it’s not it’s not common these days common sense yet if anything although I understand why if you study I’ll be honest I didn’t do much but when I studied him he simplify something that’s complicated right that’s why he’s a genius because you can simplify something my mind was how do I make money how do I make my first million pounds when I got nothing I need to learn for Richard Branson Henry Onassis it was a great %HESITATION very rich creek presence anyone self made I need to learn from them anybody I don’t know learn from nobody else like the teacher in the classroom no people like that from books I read and I read the note read less I have to find what is the common denominator of all of these people what is it so for weeks weeks weeks writing notes analyzing Richard Branson analyzing who traded McDonnell’s analyzing amasses allies in about five self made millionaire the highlight when the books writing notes writing notes in a single box reading reading reading hello to every single one was persistent a single one didn’t give up every single one didn’t go with the herd every single one well despite everybody’s going that way they went despite %HESITATION well said %HESITATION the one and done a lot of Henry Ford on the engine then it was %HESITATION the person who invented the light bulb will come to me also right so I knew they were a sister so then I had the first level I had to beat and that’s why we got better talk about it took place it was really easy after the second rescheduling to respond everybody get the money back from god if he was a lot of money get it back I had my branding so did charming guy revealed I had the email list four five hundred people in the email list I could have done another event off to two years bar the persistence was not another one of these guys I’m very persistent person I am it goes to obsession %HESITATION full you know achieving something buying your first house it’s painful most people don’t want pain I go through hell in the back of the scene people don’t know how much it meant to torture you you have to go through to achieve something because social media is fake love fake guys that is so bloody easy by his final %HESITATION into off make a fundamental right this is why I’m on the spot this is why I do what I do and %HESITATION to be honest to social media to crack this place it’s a place where you get a million pounds I can hustle outdated street what this social media what is that dark and mysterious people love and the real people I hate to get him are you I don’t have time to crack it you could either be about time for my problems you need to state I look time for my personal life and whatever but I’ve never had the time to practice social media but when I try to think about social media businesses that run as businesses yeah what is the business social media business do you really do we really think that they care about me they cared about the customers giving heavy budgets and they can pay will to stop and get the share prices are okay mark Zuckerberg had a good intention in the beginning but you have to run the business right yeah you know just you know to some degree that’s fair enough %HESITATION but yeah just to %HESITATION go back a bit then so when you got your student loan and how did you use that loan so the first book books so a couple hundred pounds of books and then the rest of it I want to stop %HESITATION plug some of semi professional pool player you can play out so I went to the places you could bite when I was young my family pushed me to do %HESITATION business I’m starting I’m okay cool I have become very good pool player %HESITATION once installments and stuff I can still right now and I challenge anybody to even offer me a chance to play me I’m so competitive right out of play and almost nobody will win without ego and pride right but I was %HESITATION topical cream box first the books for me actually what are you passionate about if your question about something you put energy into it right well Steve Jobs school used to say I know how to shop for two thousand pounds a year round and shepherds bush marketing get planning to turn it into a pool hot this is a high risk of drug dealing in the area so they they declined it so then I appealed and I said no I want to stop %HESITATION drug you know we can have cameras and whatever so I appealed it the book said if you are going this direction or something goes wrong don’t give up find something else so there was a guy he was buying most of properties in white city six council areas the Chinese man I mean my friends was saw him doing these property deals on the facts of quite cheap this is known as a rough area right so I went on a Saturday and I said you have any facts out of the stock so a full sixty thousand pounds on its annual mortgage I said I’ll get one so then some of my friends are supposed to bite with me but they they kept pulling now they were very enthusiastic but also by the muscles leave me alone and then the persistence came in I was only twenty one I’m sad about four thousand the bank the property was sixty thousand I don’t even know %HESITATION mortgage was I didn’t know how how to get a mortgage so again went to newspaper found the brokers are %HESITATION declined mortgage off the mortgage credit score was no good they did S. I went to a driver I went to the office if you wanted to send there’s one more chance for you otherwise give up and don’t come back to my office I said no if this person says no I’m coming back he said no you can’t come back in the office he was getting upset I said no I’m not going to give up so I had nothing no money I was in debt come off alcohol drugs were advised by department %HESITATION been through a lot of %HESITATION personal trauma yeah then he said go to the bank manager over %HESITATION %HESITATION at the national and I went there he said those days a bank manager can you can give me the walking just head office or apartment to give your will get these days well documented can give you it will be sold in offices and online applications in ages he said it’s up to me I don’t know what to do the books told me B. S. USY estate could be passing the soup on only sue I had a what’s on I was smart I’m sorry I said I can give me the mortgage I’m not even not even the mortgage I can handle it because when you’re young like you know just this much for months looking into not making phone calls and he kind of looked at me he said can you handle I said yes I’m going to give me the mortgage and he shook my hand ms work reference I said I’ll get it I mean we taught me when I will talk about so then I got my friend had %HESITATION I sit in the gallery of the event I don’t know if he was there the story by saying that I went to my friend gave me a job yeah the I. T. company getting hit by the job or what any stock to ever got the mortgage amazing what a job some hold the second hand furniture from the staff and %HESITATION I wanted something nice in there I only had a hundred pound in the bank right I know what is something nice I would almost about bush fifty pounds handled it and I put myself got myself fifty pounds on it my last night like it makes me want to cry because I get emotional right this site yes the bank was down for the job I said I want something nice in here Alexander love put it connected myself fifty pound left a friend was working in a state agency finally attended he said we told you not to buy a flat but you will involve snacks and I said no I bought it I got it he’s the key get me a tenant broke so he helped me and my tenant will double my age had a child so jump in the deep end I learned to swim off to do some crazy stuff when I booked the venue twelve thousand pound baby it was just given guarantees fifty percent of these what is given do I have to do it or not people don’t have the guts to to raise the proper money and put it in there lots of people in the U. K. can do it lots of people can not the defensive front of constraints what people can do it but then got the guts because doesn’t come you come by ducks you called your cable box it combines educate it docks comes from having a fight sometimes temptation sometimes I’m thinking no I didn’t get that guy pushed me around thank god it didn’t meet the documents so me the industry is bigger than me the diplomat tennis is bigger than me bar look and your office is the coolest animal in the jungle the I. D. K. R. has a pizza style four point five tons of weight in the bar despite his alligator crocodile the smallest animals the wolf small animals I’m why is the lion king of the jungle why did not the jungle he’s not the smartest the strong growth the biggest bite the most the most clubs are the biggest difference is the biggest and strongest he’s not Y. double one is because you get the most coverage when the line land will be jealous yeah thanks to that looks at the line think sh this is going to attack me so big you can cross the downloader so as a human the biggest most violent and nasty to people but this correct usage of goals right don’t have blind faith but jump jump in the deep and sometimes really very comfortable all the growth comes through a bit of pain log in growth so where does that actually %HESITATION come from for for you because like where does that courage come from because there’s like we all can say we you know we all have dreams would like to do this and not but it’s like it’s few people that have that courage and like as you say those guts to be able to actually go for I do believe it’s just something that a person is born waste is it something that like what where do you think it comes from from two I was our life is pushed me so much and I’m gonna write a certain things I’ve never speak about I’m writing the book and this is not to sell the book the books not finished anything but the card comes from my bed lots of challenges right are the best times I’m not a hundred challenges well I’m a guy challenge well my mind doesn’t give me peace yes my name is like if that kind of happens again you gonna come back right so how can I accept the coverage comes in overcoming some really crazy situations yeah right so my reputation on the street is is when I was younger the reputation of the street is we should really get into beef with solo because this guy he won’t give up he won’t give up I was capable of going a bit crazy this guy might be bigger than some people but my if somebody overstepped the mark I’ve had to I’ve had to do what it means we’ll go ahead Sir who’s made about to fight in the circle one to one people using knives and guns right now how many people watching this part because I’ve had a situation as some problem going on amongst friends and friends and friends I’m just saying look we’re just gonna make a circle you two guys fight our in that situation where it’s been so cool I know how to fight it out right once twice maybe three times sometimes when you have a fight like that it doesn’t end there because of events somebody wants to come back for you somebody wants this from you where do you live I’m not saying I’m a big gun so criminals I thought we did some of it is so cool and you fight him so people go to the gym right looking good is a big big thing Jim Jim Jim personal trainer Jim Jim Jim hustle trainer why do you need such a big muscles when you go to the gym you’re learning to lift a ton of weight right you come home you relax and you gonna show a bit of muscle on social media but do you need that also do you need it well you could if you gonna list you gonna go Morrison and lift the bags and go home do you need it what small school you’ve made it to feel confident I’m not saying every person muscles bad you might need it because people said you are fat when you were younger you showing people if anything not when I used to go to the gym when I used to go to the gym I engine seven yes right by diesel training our own press ups and shadow boxing whatever right when I used to go to the gym I have to go to the gym to train that if I’m going to fight in the street I’m gonna have this guy might be hitting me right but if the fight lost ten minutes right he’s gonna get tied I don’t know I’m sorry to get my stamina I’m going there thinking are these dock less when you are having a fight with somebody a physical fight I’m not condoning violence I’m not condoning it when I was in school they would start the fight so much that you got no choice right but I wouldn’t want the coverage came from there the biggest cards came from when my parents passed away I am I had to grow up there is no response I’m my world was shattered it was broken all right you go through such a dark place I’m a guy I used to smile smile smile laugh practical joke %HESITATION my jokes come up from time to time to dust my soul I would make so much jokes I would cry with laughter and that you just with your friends and the teachers picking up across from you’re in trouble for laughing too much can you imagine right well this low to cooperate with us circumstances of the scroll place out there too I had a beautiful girlfriend I need next event how do a presentation of this she went on holiday right we will hold a day long we went on the day he came back when someone you love passes away specially apparent if you call you called Golan badly cracked jokes some people kind of accident it was I was a putting private shy interesting was bottled up everything was inside excruciating me right but I remember our I think about a year or something or two years after Christmas my girlfriend she goes to me all you know what you don’t smile anymore I know it’s like all right all right don’t worry I’m OK I’m OK cage I am a private moment I was like how did you passed away one two years ago my moment that’s six months from each other six month one way for the past six months whichever is six months %HESITATION my brother had a divorce so those three there is mention six three two three one person left the house three people left my house at six months I might go crazy she said don’t you don’t smoke too much I never got around to telling her never gonna be broke up maybe six twenty years ago I never got round to tell us how did you I’ve been through hell Jacksonville who used the loss of loss of jobs and just bees so far everyone he coming back saying guys coming back there’s a new guy head now the world took away but the last two three years despite a good what could jump record go when you smile you’re gonna have to teach yourself to slug so what did you do then to teach yourself to smile again what are the channels that is true success if you can generate joy when you’re going through hell many houses diamonds true success is if you can generate some joy when you’re going through hell most people can do it most people can’t do it I can handle my emotions let’s say right now there’s a problem in the family right right hello hello communication all the time but trust me if something is a massive massive problem out there I will step up that day also I am going to hundred existing leaves the funeral to meet we got to protect I’m going through a bad time I need to protect the younger generation continental so I can recycle my pain but there’s a time in your life music and not I’ve just had enough I need to become very selfish and think about me that’s right next jet off to disembark on the semi retired I want to think about me by then so I’ll be living in maybe living in Dubai well one moment living in London for one month I might be troubling moral that’s why I started doing some blokes I’ll do some more social media stuff and I’ll just try and just have some fun there’s been heart slow hard slow well I could never retire because I need something I am off to Gary via van like I relax or three four days right with nothing to do and because of all the all the stuff going on I was getting depressed no goal to achieve your goal nothing exciting to get my teeth into I’m getting depressed so I launched the SNM composted alone in a conference on Wednesday and I’m yet this find some some tickets but this this tribe houses that have been missed out this background that isn’t this the hide these big speakers global got refunded job from this could you they fly in in twenty four hours they make hundreds of thousands of pounds of fly back out right nobody helped promote the event too much all the pressures on me I’m a leader I will follow I don’t look down to no one now it’s my time this conference is me people come for me than a thousand coming for me hiring Gary V. right is getting bigger bigger bigger bigger bigger so now it’s my time are about a hundred people and grow this right always have a mentality of leader not a follower check not sheep the shepherds you’re going to play chess is one of the the chest full my mind like I don’t want I don’t want crumbs I don’t want cake I don’t want the lorry that delivers the cake I want the cake factory give me the this is %HESITATION you hide every promise you hired Gary vee yeah I hired them I watched every time a second hold on the time how do you communicate with me how did you text me how does the act how does how do you treat people what’s driving the vehicle from beginning to end I’ve got my education rises man successful the way I we searched all the books autobiographies how did they become millionaires right I’m working now how’s Gary Ziegel six million followers on Facebook because I was in the hotel we got every four hours and I was so it was like yeah I know nice people not in a bad way I’m analyzing because that’s what education is not what I’m going to read loads and loads of books I don’t ice and I think are gonna want to cold I’m a boss I’m a boss that’s why I became a self made millionaire I know it’s a big difference between me and Gary V. with all respect god is far came from Belarus and start it does though the %HESITATION wine factory yeah I mean the alcohol business thank god he took it to the next level right guard next to next level the hardships Gary’s father went through cool no money children Weiss No racism racism that time and Gary’s took it to the next level you’ve got so creative writings to connect to a high high high level me give me nothing give me nothing give me nothing and I want to create something from nothing that’s a different kettle of different type of person is a different ninety I am yeah guys said I didn’t spot with no money right wow I’ve had times when I’ve gone to the grocery store with shoppers and what food for my family right so this persistence when you’ve gone what I took the student loan to stop his property portfolio I we drew one pound from a bank one pound from the bank and I came back home by bus right that’s how broke I was but the system is I think it was locked no because if it was locked how could I create the top five hundred for that same company three years I documented now I want people to see without you going pride are we can see why this man that is student loan has made a million because how the hell can you stop until the events company I have to the biggest because in the world on the stage mmhm it is not cheap how did you find it who called me when I paid it guarantees full balance two weeks before the event I paid the full balance I’m yes seven hundred pound left in my bank seven hundred pound left in my bank because the bank so close Dr %HESITATION giving finances Dr no all of it and what FOR and I have massive amount of mortgages to pay I have to pay about eight thousand pound will be just a month right my back to last eight to ten grand a month the day I got I had several of the problems I didn’t go anywhere alone anymore it was my turn over started coming back in of my rents well my tenants pay me on time but it it it it blew my got myself back on the ground and then when we you know versus what can I help you Donna Summer right I’m a hustler I will come back again so he’s coming to the flight he’s been painfully is coming expected you know two weeks before the event one guy and social media are so cruel he goes are you know every time that I heard that it promises that it wasn’t so successful you gonna fan and the guy with the event well I know you’ve been a fan will be watching you fail I’m gonna watch you fail two weeks before right I’m not old habit was to insult them straight around and custom what I’ve done is I’ve been screened it I pre screened it I’m not blocked him and I read it all right let’s go game time game time I’ll show you what I told you the crew everybody I said this will be the greatest event in the history of the world right where those videos come out it’s not the profit that makes an event successful the passion and the love they dry the speakers the hardships we went through is not going to be duplicated in history mmhm that means the event in London I don’t like talking about death right hello nice to talk about yeah but when I leave this planet when I leave this planet I leave that behind this with so much good stuff I don’t have any stock right I don’t have stuff to do this do this to everyone connected to the event was axles right you don’t have to meet a million pound office approved it I don’t have a million pound office hi this is my office I’m in my office I don’t know what Jim does still means that they’re so my point was not yet things out schools the the ATV the people who don the marketing you don’t need to have regular stock because it’s cold in his shoes how do you keep paying the salary right so even I think the biggest thing in the world for people you can start right just working that out sourcing on one contract getting paid to move in on the three yeah I just one thing I wanted to say was how you said like so you are the type of person if you have like zero you can do it you can create things but then you know there are some people that I have maybe they have like funding they have a team that has there’s they have everything but yet they still can’t seem to like pull through so why do you think it’s not like you you kind of think well hang on a minute this person has all this and this was as nothing %HESITATION why do you think some people who do have everything can’t make it because I have an uncle like this the family he bailed him out twice million dollars about articles in America yeah one of my uncles was better doctor twice and failed the first time he was given a million dollars and lost that in the motel business right our name is given the loans again from the family all my other uncle does the soul and I don’t know how it went but I wish him well I don’t want to spend what it is is right yes when I when I leave this world I need a million pound to my botox let’s see let’s say like for example my daughter will enjoy my modem right my daughter’s children will lose my money mmhm ninety percent it happened to the rough child bank yeah this generation’s most mostly don’t get rough child mobile because the third generation lost the money right now me if someone gives me someone gave me a million pounds a day right because I started in the student loan and I know that I’m sold I don’t know that the intuition it’s so hard to raise even a couple of thousand pounds is really hot right but because of my struggles where if you give me a million pounds I am confident I could double it in size is if somebody I mean desktop disa nor give the million pounds I am confident I can double it in five years minimum and I will show them how I would double I will put it on a page this is what I’m gonna do it our because I couldn’t June it my hunger like if everyone loses money to more let’s say everybody lost money tomorrow this research been done the money will go back to the same people it will flow back to the same people why because no but a lot of working class people they spend like the rich right in front of four dot lifestyle you can afford it if you’re not saving a thousand pounds a month the Mexican to be a Dartmouth would stop it right what you’re living in an expensive car the first thing I tell my friends election for house I helped him when I first started in this property business right I lived in the cool the one that I will close this two bedroom flat off the five six years though some family problems I moved into their property right I lived in the living room you have a doctor big big room with a balcony and I rented out the other two rooms well I was sharing my kitchen with two people right to be Barsha in my kitchen is not easy right and %HESITATION I will be just paid bills paid everything was paid right but most people are willing to give up right we just the expense complete you have to you know you’re struggling so white living despite the best thing anybody can do first thing the biggest expense for anyone is where they’re living there right mortgages or whatever the rate is the highest you should just reliving the largest room in the house read out everything else put two people in one room where you are it is always a market for this there’s no tax to pay on that income as well make sure your living for free do it in such a way where you’re living free and then what you do is save your senator you need to be able to save your salary somehow right and then decided to read put into crypto you can start to address the fire to save up money for deposit you start getting your credit card number is high are it’s really hard the first properties the hardest you can get over the first one then it gets easier right now to go over a year over here the biggest thing we have to push his brain it was draining for me it took three months to say fire damn house by house the market is right for you take a low take a loan people don’t want to risk with the fear of failure because one failure knocks you back five years that’s what most people one wrong move you go save up for five years you lost the money yeah yeah yeah like for me though one more when I think about tonight to buy a house to me it just seems like like a like a during you know like because that at least here in the U. K. like the house prices are insane you know how does anybody buy a house especially if they’re on their own with zero sh do you have to leave like when you go find other areas where the price of properties a cheaper you have to London is getting bigger and bigger and bigger so let’s say I mean would %HESITATION can open them yet to make a big change well in the house are quite cheap when the head is to train come come back to London berry sauce right it’s tough doesn’t mean you have to live there forever it’s a stepping stone to other things so you need to save about fifty thousand pounds save needed new savings %HESITATION about twenty to fifty thousand pounds deposit %HESITATION let’s say you find a house in the four hundred and fifty thousand pounds so twenty twenty percent twenty much less need about thirty thousand pounds roughly twenty percent deposit you can get the figures have to work do you have a target then you go for okay did you go for most people did not target so you always miss your was missing because there’s not even a target yeah I’ll get used to scare get hold of a deposit funds the rest look the banks the banks want to give you money yes go off to the boxes the boxes the first thing everyone’s going to say I’m worthy of a mortgage I deserve a mortgage I’m one of the available gauge I can’t get a mortgage I can not my maybe you look changed everything because I can how okay because how can I get the more everything goes how how can I get the mortgage power once you the ghost of how and isn’t that that the other side of the coin is why or something I cannot I cannot everything that’s changed our simplified as the banks when you go to for a bank really go for movies to a better they don’t have no money the banks have no money zero right they don’t have any business is that running this study pop up shops that say they’ve got no money they need you to take a mortgage they don’t go bad loans and the bank of England will give them fake digits in the computer screen right yeah I know it’s hard to one point twenty five in just the one percent look quite interesting so fake money the bank’s going to give you fake money and you’re going to pay him back meeting says yeah it’s crazy king scam the bank each year without music concert by when you take a loan you take a remote beach the bank is loves it but you have to do to give you my love but because of the two thousand eight crash credit crunch doctor lots of questions but some banks come out a bit more lenient never never never give up yes %HESITATION just when you brought up the %HESITATION the the crash that happened like there’s quite a lot of talk that they’ll be a crash coming but it’s going to be like massive like much much bigger than what happened in two thousand and eight do you have any thoughts on that yes like everyone else to know Robert didn’t crash or a correction right I’m gonna bring some videos on the subject right during the biggest pandemic of the world which we’re in right now house prices went up to the highest you shouldn’t have gone to the highlands yeah the whole world has to see the government’s control house prices it’s not possible to market the government had a meeting in this nice quiet room well yeah we’re gonna go bankrupt let’s make a fake property boom how do we do it changes them to eagles thanks change this time do you close so the rich parents will give money to the children to go and buy places off nope most M. G. for first time buyers I know I’m just I’m Gigi %HESITATION buy to let purchases right they done this I didn’t move the market up right so the banks control house prices the same way my favorite teacher never run a business you don’t fool me right stocks what is our mission of gonna no fake thing that’s happened right because they want people to put money into these fake stocks and shares what nicely when I made some good profits in the event on the twenty ninth of October I told everybody backed up to the complaint was you then I said that yeah yeah what to look home Kerr and I’ve done the presentation the question was about twenty feet went times three mmhm join the dot com and on the twenty ninth of October I might have been joined and started they would pull their money on one of the best assets scripted dot com one of the best asset coins to buy in the world they twenty fifty seven at the staples center in America the whole name gets changed to cook dot com stadium this must seven hundred million pounds picked up from masseduction the biggest transposed wealth is going to be in cryptocurrency and everybody has a chance to capitalize on it right so okay back to the question that is going to be there has to be a correction it don’t the crashes that’s the marketing already coming out right so it’s gonna be a correction it has to be everything that’s maxed out because of the government when will this happen is when the government will change the rules eight no changes time do your actual car interest rates crash will come right so we changed our goal when they increased interest rates the crash will come I’m expecting the crash eight people on what’s next year between April and December next year they’ll be a crash I do the the the %HESITATION the market will get feedback on the ground the government will change pulled the strings again trying to start it all we got a newspaper story and they’ll get back with his speech what is thank you okay let’s talk about me K. K. property markets will never crash down to complete the mad levels but nobody’s buying houses because if the house prices in U. K. crash the whole economy crashes if everyone starts getting repossessed and that everything old newspaper stories because the economy is run by first time buyers buying new properties every parent says %HESITATION by when the kids get marked by the house are the models get a house guest house if the market crashes no parents will say to the kids buy a house the fake money the government’s going to be the fake money anymore I get all this interest back from you so I just asked and they’re like why not surely like I would think if it does if it crashes that’s the time I would want to buy because houses are much cheaper is that don’t you buy when it’s cheap and then sell one it’s expensive yes no I’m saying I’m talking about the crash why the crash happens okay okay I’m saying why the crash is going to happen how did you get back up again I’m giving a whole roof right they’re going to change they’re gonna deliberately changed prices are gonna crash or newspapers for will come out right I don’t crash then they will %HESITATION what’s this madness this crash prices drop everything when the government in the banks wanted to get back on its feet again the newspaper story will come the legislation will change into strikes thank you both will change I will say markets recovering and it’s going to go back up to be like this Boondock all the money is made in the day right I’m I think it has to happen because everything is is is that it’s fake it’s all fake right now this is all fake so my plan would be keep watching watching this like a buddy movie watch it watch it watch it when I predict the crashes coming just before the market still strong several my crypto several of it what I think yes so I don’t have it %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION good portion of it get some loans get ready get ready for the trash problem is when the customer will get ready yeah right we know the press is coming to get the money ready now applied for some credit card you won’t get a credit card when the car starts applying your credit cards yeah apply full alone now and keep it on the side do all the time at work try something you might have some family members that somebody please can you loan me some money I’m predicting a crash of one of our property when it crashes right when the customs you don’t fix the roof when it’s raining you think so when the weather was good weather right now the roof is getting your getting your money in the richest people in the world they made all the money in the classes yeah lastly the ones created crash okay great the cash by the assets why they buy the assets I seen it I got the paperwork I know who we are run by data analytics no lies I know who’s buying crypto and the crashes I know who’s buying the property the crashes the big companies come in and they buy they credit the goddamn crash and then they go and buy the dip and then there’s a special %HESITATION series from eighteenth century started eighteen section this thing is a is a pump and dump community so you just become but not evil we didn’t create the crash I take advantage of these crashes now I think of them I’m gonna be ready in in in March or April I’ll give it another one social media I’m sorry now I’m selling my stuff out and then when the crash comes on buying again that when it goes back to a hospital okay yeah I am so I’m I’m just so I can %HESITATION I’m aware of time is going so quickly %HESITATION if you could maybe just like a round up a bit in terms of like let’s say there is a someone who was like you whenever you were young you know they want to create wealth for themselves but they have no idea where to start you know school didn’t teach them a damn thing you know they haven’t got a clue what like what what would be like maybe like the five main things that that that you would tell them like five tips or something like that it’s five but you know yeah so let’s say number one stop leaning on people stop people from parents stop bailing them out when you is no loss %HESITATION come on that %HESITATION yeah yeah baby while you make a mistake I need to find the if you’re over eighteen let’s say the coffee yourself wash your own clothes stop looking your own meals a man or woman fuck the communal meals right be self dependent on yourself what I find what I found which is unfortunate yeah the people who are so used to leaning on people I’m not taking responsibility for themselves yeah they’re not willing to learn anything no I’m not good I’m not once you start with that U. destructible completely me I’m not normal all I’m trying I’m trying yeah I’ll get better I’ll get back to this book four hundred people non political are the people why because I felt so many times and I got a question for trying so stop leaning on mom and dad spoke the new one of the people really start doing stuff yourself because if you’re leaning on others and you stop being successful very made you successful if they get married believe you or whatever they go away what you gonna do that you gonna find someone else to lean on I’m really not that guy or that woman they’re gonna rob me you’re gonna get them along to pay you back so when you load money to people always write it down your record when it comes to money business hold your record the meeting all of your recorded what was said in that meeting always have a contract even if it’s four bedrooms five hundred pound write it down have a witness because when it comes to money your best friend can become your enemy and your enemy can become the best friend twenty seven years about friends of loan money to and they go to church every Sunday and they don’t pay me back do we have to go down the core issue and they would like me to go to the house and break down the bowl and stop fighting them called the police and then it makes me look like a bad person right so number one lead on yourself number two he is not the best asset to buy and buy a place that you live in a good asset for the star time just send me by five five percent deposit is what you’re going to need only as a first time buyer time just under the bar fights I didn’t find a pop you can buy anywhere in the U. K. doesn’t have to be anyone to hate just to train line that could be very frustrating when it comes out buy a property by the time you will twenty seven just that you you have to have one property in your own name right have to have it even if I were you living in the south if you live in everything should be rented you should be just leaving them there for free and once you buy a second property then you start living a luxury life but your own space you know you only %HESITATION %HESITATION studio ASAP so number one don’t don’t even anybody number two have a property by ten to thirty number three you must be learning about crypto currency and a matter of us yes we’re gonna put glasses on and go in it’s not my generation hello young guy is still younger generation right metaverse Garda %HESITATION order these claims and ordered these metal but people are buying virtual land right now you can order you choose let’s watch the video with mark Zuckerberg Gary V. about the metals so you could invest in these projects by buying the tokens you go to get to the bottom you can join I’ll leave my link okay dot com everybody can join you get twenty five dollars for free by dialing a claim when you buy garlic claim in crypto is a gaming quite could this gaming in the metaphysical gusto defining the digital Gators right %HESITATION there is %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION ma ma alarmists are just so many the metaverse everyone has to learn about it even if you don’t want to because people don’t want my production people upon glasses are they gonna go into a shopping centers are there they’re gonna walk into a shop with the glasses on their end of stock picking up something in a buyer in the midst of this shops are going to there’s a I think apple they will buy a replaces it Decentraland this was called the spectral learned people are buying land in there all right %HESITATION does a good guy claimed your own future he’s from U. K. very good he teaches people about all of this stuff so you’re young young old right you must be learning about cryptocurrency because the biggest transfer of wealth right if something else could cancel D. five what they say defy this means the banking system of the cryptocurrency now I can give you defy my big crime I take a loan on it and buy a house so the whole is the biggest opportunity at the biggest transfer of wealth in the next twenty years things are going to be moving to the crypto side digital access so whoever gets in first it’s going to be doing very well and the only way the if you know how much money is divided decentralized Decentraland quite hundred pound fifty pound but to stop you must be you should buy a bottle of quite understood why some people don’t complain because they’re leading the way right now the foreman the one tomorrow they’re sponsoring this as well dot com this unstoppable force from what I see you just can’t even try that look people just don’t trust it I think our buy from them right but they insuring you picked it up coming shows you for up to eighty thousand pounds and this keep print screening your your fix yes you have to say the world is going this way nine so if you can overcome the fear well let’s say you five hundred pound symbol so most of this I’m gonna put I’m gonna listen to sad no I’m gonna join trip to dot com I’m gonna find the the link from similarweb bar will join five hundred pounds I’m gonna buy hundred pound dollar claim hundred pound Decentraland I am three hundred pound of cooked about complaining that’s five hundred pounds if I lose it I lose it if I lose I lose it I won’t have one Starbucks of the meat the money will come back with it work so well if I decide if I lose I lose it but trust me the education video clip of course talking about private about no the best way to learn is by doing yeah are you done told about nine months I made about two hundred thousand mile it is going down to one eighty because there’s a little bit crash right now but again is the one to two year plan you can pull up couldn’t talk my student loan will in their own tech talk is my biggest got full I’m like %HESITATION you know I told him yesterday I said that all was going down it does go down don’t send attendees attendees means on the princesses don’t set the price of gold in your I said this is where the ducks this is where you’re gonna make money don’t sell I something you buy into did not notice straight away this should I be buying that then the ones who do not look in the window the questions coming back but they don’t lose this is a big part are right the ones who buy if you buy a house now let’s say you bought a house with three hundred thousand pounds right now I’m going to do that either the crash comes and it goes to two fifty straight away it’s a massive trash can just fix the car as long as this person doesn’t sell it will go back again right yeah well what happens is the currency this call for three hundred right it went down to two fifty by two fifty right well if I go down to fifty also discusses fifty thousand wrong because when they go back to three hundred thousand pound the market didn’t lose fifty thousand pounds this person who stole I took it because I wanted to I had the patience and I had the knowledge to bite at two fifty so when I when the crypto currency goes down and somebody buys the person who buys it buys your loss my are you you don’t have the ducks wait one year it takes nine months to one year to have a baby when you see it takes twelve months to get the seat back when you buy a house one of many but no one to two years everything you buy a house you wait one to two years I’m not properties that are cool four hundred thousand I went to two hundred thousand yeah it went down to eighty thousand twenty thousand it went up again one sixty one down to one ten and it went back up to one seventy right estate agents are so what’s happened is already knows markets crashed I don’t copy thirteen fourteen years now I know all the awesome is how the rental market all right I see why you guys kind of can for that yeah the price goes down and the rental price goes down to finish the game over the price goes down the right tools used to go strong it will save you for the Haftar since the psychologically date I want everyone just thinking if I so so no it’s gonna buy anything to take away my profit he’s gonna buy my loss he’s gonna take yeah yeah that makes sense I’m just sitting back let’s say like could you give us some tips like okay so each month we get our like wages like how would you you know like %HESITATION there are some people they say you should put aside like ten percent for their five percent for that ten percent for this it do you have like a like a I guess a way off %HESITATION what’s the word like to %HESITATION I guess it your cash in various different parts and different %HESITATION percentages that you would advise yes this something called dollar cost averaging right total cost averaging because people can Google it yeah so because I’m pushing crypto currency mobile what happens is let’s say your salary is thousand pound a month let’s say let’s say two two thousand pound a month salary and I presented so you can’t afford to put thousand how to crypto could you my boys expects it so what they doing to conserve some good dollar cost averaging so every week don’t put twenty five pounds into crypto and they might choose to complain choose a server room they might gonna claim for the center line but what they do is twenty pound a week don’t put it in to a certain claim I am not by what the claim does they’re going to put in they’ve done research when you average it out over a year this is about a very high probability you’re going to win because the whole the whole market goes up as an address for the whole year which is the crypto currencies to trillion when the metaverse is a trillion dollar market right it’s going up like this the property market is like this but if you look at twelve years the amount of return on a big claim so we just put twenty pound a week you put what you can afford it about a week you want to put it into one claim you Michael okay I’ve been researching there’s a huge chunk of cryptos are US Chinese guy very very good I’m calling puro you what’s destroyed every day they bring out this the cryptos are us every day the big studios out I watched them when I have breakfast and this month this week %HESITATION I’m gonna put twenty pounding garlic right next week on the plate you’re gonna cost averaging okay this became millionaires just by doing this one little thing every week right so you you just keep doing this mmhm keep expenses low as much as I can right I would build a high asset an asset is anything that makes you money your asset if you buy a book oh no you got older below FOR %HESITATION studying something really useful is very important that’s what I said the book is an asset if you buy a car and you become %HESITATION but drive are the cause of this if you buy a car just to impress people some people want to buy a Lamborghini I would say by property take a loan buy a Lamborghini that the properties that tend to pay off the loan try to pay off the loan because your normal gauge and then you own the car you own the property and the day %HESITATION liabilities and assets expenses as low as possible in the beginning yeah although how do you like because obviously we set out you know life is short and you want to also like have fun and enjoy life so how do you find that kind of %HESITATION as sweet spot between keeping all of your expenses as low as possible but also like being able to enjoy life a bit as well because obviously you don’t I’d like to live your whole life just you know not doing anything nobody’s life if you sacrifice now yeah the character yeah you keep expenses low and your extra profits you’re building a business you want to buy a house right and you want to do something I think five years time you got your house now rather than having these extra holidays and you kept expenses low right the house well %HESITATION decide what eighty percent of people do I’m gonna buy marks and Spencer’s today us Christmas coming this marks and Spencer I’m back and the most expensive gifts on by my shoes this and that all right how do I start but leave it for the next sixty years because you’re not going to come out of that lifestyle the whole system designed to keep your index mmhm the whole of the television is to keep you in that that I had to when I first started in business I love music right from the days of CD’s it is CD I wanted Mary J. Blige seating are you getting by with the credits and everything right so I started buying property in I stopped buying the CD so I have to say I have to say about the CD’s twenty pound I have to save up to buy the CD and I boarded two pound five pound and up what to try to get to the pharmacy he does things I’m so we know what it is a different and I’m just happy where what do I do when I got to talk and I seven hundred pound left I know I can survive I survived of job seekers six seven problem every two weeks I lost the street I know what my friend should always be full you know what can money buy you anyway what can money buy you can buy you nice food nice car nice house right now as well what else can they might even be slow thanks only days whatever the only downside is that it can buy you time because if you have money then it means you don’t have to go to a job and you can spend your time with doing what you enjoy doing or waste yes %HESITATION people you you care about I guess that’s sort of the way I think about it as well yes definitely is run by the conflict watch some step like robin gold stick something in the property I can pay my bills you can go and have to go to the property so I can get my time back right once time is gone you can’t get it back yeah definitely time is the most valuable thing but my life is what’s happened is I worked so hard I love sacrifice so much to get to where I go where the most important thing for me is time right now I know my time being wasted I hate it right there’s a council meeting all someone lets me down it’s like every bit of my time is valuable but what happens is I’m so used to another hospital at the hospital the gave what is the journey I enjoy the journey more than the money that might be what many people asking my god wisely but the Lamborghini why isn’t the Rolex there are no better deal what have our yes later on like it’s always been to put food in the fridge it’s always been yeah nothing’s gonna change for me under center now I want money to give me all my comfort %HESITATION my question is nature and animals right so I’m buying the %HESITATION the dog next year so my German shepherd puppy special show in working life none of it I mean him trade him for taking that time out trainings but left the bases after baby here are going to get female some of the reading %HESITATION German shepherds as a hobby this place looking for looking for land now the space I’m looking for land I want to build a small house on land and my dog hostel where breeding dogs cats fish bone I will make sure will around the right tell me more I just wanna go in stages and speak motivational around the world well I want to do well %HESITATION apart from the one side by my land and I built my house then I’m reading dogs start to happen this is very individual yeah well lots of people what makes you happy might not make me happy what happened is yes I love animals right I want to be around and the more the lows of plants there are grown right %HESITATION I like gardening I think the the bloodline from India the farmers most people will farming in the yeah %HESITATION yes I’m very very complicated person B. we hop into black me out right where yes I’m looking for my sister right mmhm bar I’m a multi millionaire well I don’t care if I’m in this little okay this will just take some of the games and tricks on me I don’t care if I’m here or not but I don’t want my sister to come to my funeral so if I’m here or not but now after you told this massive amount of west right I’m a multi million a year in the houses the bank account White House a hundred grand or whatever but we’ll do this in houses of course so let me get in get out but I mean I don’t give a damn if I’m here and what you think why don’t we use when I want to live to a hundred and ten dollars hello the world has reduced me to shreds so many times I’ve been through some of the repayment so much %HESITATION back trying to make the divorced single parent lots of politics with my ex and my ball R. but it’s hard to see my daughter sometimes and everything I’m saying people watching this video my hip to be fake bomb I don’t if I’m here or not the respect and people think budget wasp wasp statement to say but in my dark moments when I’m in bed long sleep I’m not saying I’m not depressed I’m definitely not suicidal the world is %HESITATION honestly don’t know millionaires are made I had I do want to become a I became him but hopefully I can what I love is when I come to the event hello guys the vents and come into a room and come up to me and it is high you really helped me although we were told on the stage with the motivation and people came on the stage well how do me that way self fees I’ve never had much of that report right and there was light I loved her yes well what part of me looks for maybe as well you know it’s not like why you wanna die as well why you why we live in we’ll be living people hello so %HESITATION if but it’s just me being truthful I don’t care if I’m here or not but this is fine they’re what look we we did for me I don’t have a choice being born right I did it myself so no I didn’t make myself even right I don’t think I deserve a lot of pain and I have been through a lot of people go through pain is also for my family all right my heart is so your I was going to help people I will choice how I’m gonna leave right what I’m going to leave in this world I’m sorry I don’t know it’s something I feel that I’m a victim well thank you if you can gain the I don’t I don’t play games with me pardon us right was this is a single mother Kerr we I will need the Stardust which is true right yeah yeah it is true yeah what is always thinking where did that come from what car why am I here what’s my purpose did it there and then the side of me is not yet right you know how I leave these videos will video is more than a podcast when I leave in fifty years hundred whatever the discounted distantly left I had the guts to state I don’t care if I’m hearing in just kind of I don’t really care I’m a multi millionaire I made the amount of money but who knows now I’m semi retired I stopped thinking of but I will stop being selfish now what do I like what do I will always want to breed dogs I will always want to travel the whole world people are meeting people and %HESITATION have like a luxury life right I was thinking I was thinking why do why do I have to the company like our trust me if I was given an old beach tomorrow I watched people when you go to the houses of parliament and the royal family when you get old B. E. you have to bow down bow down to just to get like this I would never bow down there I’m ready I’m looking I’m looking right now this is your bloodline down whatever your great great great great grandfather while Rockhold well I know so many people you become a king knoll you can be a cream Chris my whole social is going to change king the motivational speaker I’m talking to my old castle yeah the mobile class %HESITATION no I’m not trying to clean up now I’m from the business I’m not a hundred feet and have someone I’d love to start a family again the the bulk of my kids I would love to be there for the birth of my my son will grow up and be there he also impaired and %HESITATION yes the money to my son will go out with a family with the way things are going on at least some some of my money’s going to go to cats and dogs some of the cost yeah yeah %HESITATION so yeah just tonight %HESITATION to round off now %HESITATION even though I mean I have sort of a fair idea about what have been the key %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION practices that have helped you to get through challenging times and shoot to be able to be where you are now I’m always studying and my close friends around me I get angry when they’re not reading and studying I’m studying I’m studying cryptocurrency %HESITATION I will %HESITATION devote my credit rating piled up an hour of global call you choose how to Moscow you choose %HESITATION the property market I’m in there already I’m a student so that teacher who told me you never run a business this study so for me one of the biggest things that I’ve done is I’ve read autobiographies and if I want to get into a market I want to read a book on almost all of the industry so everyone watching the part cost the money doesn’t come from the sky it’s too late what is going to come trying and failing or reading from someone who is very one of the yeah but specially social media Bagley now content banging it out bring it out bring it out and the followers of growing nothing is growing only one benefit in his the social media companies right so I think the next chapter is cracking the social media the way after welcome to market and so when I’m going for a million subscribers in you choose so you to settle dot com at minimum million million million unfortunately you’re not taken serious I want to be there I believe I’m the greatest motivational speaker I believe I’m not saying everybody go if I don’t say that it’s possibly the future who will serve the he said he was the greatest multi speed ever lift so it’s written everywhere if you don’t say hello to the Senate right now I’m home the dog wasn’t always the greatest and even went and proved it but until let’s say I want to speak on stages all around the world it’s not gonna happen until I hit a million those people they judge the qualifications degree so %HESITATION how many companies did you get how many I don’t in the social media you said let me I don’t must to find space for all living right used to live in a couple of hundred a week off the Facebook Google my father was a way to change the algorithm boss right what right yeah yeah everybody off social media into my own membership site mmhm Stockholm so she did them company I don’t know what people imagine I’m a self made millionaire I’m not find it frustrating yeah I am for the average person like if somebody %HESITATION dopamine addiction kicked in the brain how did the people is getting better because you’re not treated right on Facebook tick tock we’ll take you over it gives you the views mmhm how how full time this is why it will diffuse the going out right now yeah good stuff %HESITATION and yet the the last question is just what do you value most and how do you put it into practice you my sister and I value %HESITATION when I was a question means something like you know like truth courage %HESITATION integrity %HESITATION compassion that kind of thing what’s on the other side of pain because most people don’t know what’s on the other side of pain right any of my windows come on the other side of pain which is sad I’d rather not have duct tape and I rather get it today well %HESITATION I value integrity integrity I hustle hustle I mean hustle is not is my what is hostile but I’m a local problem like a street guy Bob created my own mini Cooper mini sub world by value I value honesty as well a value on and how do you put those %HESITATION into %HESITATION acticin it’s like I mean I can see from you already are very %HESITATION %HESITATION straightforward type of person yet if I say I’ll do it yeah we got the video come out next week when I first met got it was it was filmed his hand and I said look thanks he said you guys that my word is my bond yeah handshake evaluate how to shake it made the %HESITATION people don’t notice all being the person who is trust website this a handshake he delivers right right hi Tom I’m not saying I’m really really ill it’s easy for me to Texas today already %HESITATION what’s the Farrakhan to the box right but studies done yeah I think I did mention I said if you have a date this fall do it let’s do so it’s like if you’re saying that you’re going to do it and deliver deliver I’m not down eight hundred people there’s not one person complaining about eight hundred people nobody saying that about time will complain yeah so this this this way and this is what builds your prime what’s lacking truth is my power mmhm our because there’s a lot of people financially struggling the next in line to sell something yeah so it’s so I can I can have the platform to say I don’t care from him what was the other one to leave either one of the most suicidal depression oh my god you come fearless no I don’t care why I’m leaving this place on my terms we will do our own thing separate fingerprint separate different faces different eyes we will mourn individual but don’t die a copy yeah I am %HESITATION find out what what is your what’s your strength what do you what what’s your passion what do you love doing what was you born to do once you realize I believe now the home world to go on stage and just motivate people and I don’t think I know I can take it to another level because this event was a massive it was like %HESITATION our crown say started school who is this guy no one how do you go to Starbucks I want some people said so we came to see Gary V. well we liked your presentation more does that would guarantee you can use on the same day we go to see you when someone tells you this you think my god but you know something called accepted upon not kind as a part of me that chronic sex order this phrase all of these problems you know why so many people what we don’t know so many people have said these negative things to me it might be my ex wife it might be this person they might do that because it might be a family member of treating me this way and I couldn’t accept it all was it imposter syndrome it was like my god so many people are put me down that when someone is giving me a hug it is like to me and %HESITATION who is telling me that look you give Aussie using Garmin V. but one side of me is this normal I should be excited this like you know something I am not going to let anyone on his comments in the parks right right my ex what one time X. plastics we all look at the state of New look at the state of Utah and I was like let your results speak am I that bad we look at the state and you know these things mmhm so anyone watching this don’t let anybody’s blood the mouse voice what they said about you don’t let them bring you down low anything because it doesn’t affect you words ma’am well this really affect your future like all these people had to be on the stage and I’m like I liked it but I was like switched off and this is our always want to help their local fame the house was still after work on myself to accept that no strange how people’s mouth negative shit the way they treat you because they have the issue yeah when you say something so cruel to someone how can you say someone look at the state review some so demoralizing to somebody you know so I’m yeah I know for sure is sure is really powerful %HESITATION so %HESITATION this is being really really great thank you so much for sharing your story and I like I really they like can you just say it %HESITATION just the way it is there’s no you know true yeah exactly I’m not so I’m ready %HESITATION I think that’s great %HESITATION if someone wants to find out more and where where where can they find you right so the next event is going to be in the thirtieth and thirty first of July and it’s going to be a student normally in a conference we talk about the currency metaverse property mindset motivation lows of speakers my adventure I’m S. L. M. Shigar London Marbach SLM conference dot com SLM comforts dot com you can get tickets that I do but to get ready for a price by whatever ticket you can afford I am sure that spread the word the rest of these student loan million their own talk Instagram and you choose is one million days you’ll find me there I will do domain S. as a single class which is a good budget west dot com that’s gonna be a website in the future always working right now the event so it’s so new last night met Thomas the new bus I’ll give everybody big money to get money yeah yeah always I see don’t tell anybody everybody right whatever your name is right that lists just by now so we come off the spot cost he’s still here it’s %HESITATION Zana is still there I do so I’m sorry yeah bus yeah the proper spelling is on the bus dot com right now four tend to be but %HESITATION good nobody can take those does not live close by no yeah don’t indicate yes sorry well no no no that’s fine no worries right but look by it when we come off the spot because everybody watches but costs yeah well you should go straight away turn off the thing and come back go to GoDaddy anywhere your name and plus mmhm are you it was going up in value you know something %HESITATION if you put in don’t serve us yeah don’t serve us old clothes versus the three hundred thousand pound ready seriously yes I will yes I will send the request number ten domains yesterday also my friend that’s quite enough but what if I could pull up put it in so between you this is the second investment that you’re buying it welcome wow yeah right away it will grab your surname bus yeah it’s a great song by Susanna dot com is gone and now I have it already no no I mean I have I have my my full name dot com yes trying to get one and less right so what’s this part cost gold straight away now and get your name you have a whole new light I don’t know %HESITATION hello writing vest going to be buying these domains someone famous with the same name we’ll try the glasses on and it could be the whole writing back museum les is gone museum passes gone I’ve got single this it means ten thousand po next year %HESITATION integrity crypto for ten pounds right because I want to make my own trip to quite be sent me a message yesterday this is the one option integrity crypto dot com %HESITATION because looks for fifteen hundred pound that’s a really cool too thank you so much for sharing that yeah I’ll I’ll ensure all the all of them links which is sad though you can down below so %HESITATION thank you so much thank you so much for your time already %HESITATION appreciate this and those issues here are watching if you thought that %HESITATION as %HESITATION as soon knows journey could inspire somebody please make sure that you share this so %HESITATION on %HESITATION %HESITATION yes you wanted to finish this song yeah Hey I wanted to finish or something we were so deep in conversation I woke basically speak are and this song I chose my next event so I’m gonna have a speaker ready yes some three minutes site yeah so all the part cost everybody with this I don’t know how it’s gonna pan out but we’ll try okay Blackstone the state government the roof is gone so we can go down yeah yeah right so %HESITATION motivation speaker spot motivate them this is the first time I’m doing this but this song is all about improviser okay me on this podcast everybody subscribe follow thank you Hey or or so get ready for the new year John make sure you get to also learn get real name it makes some big money out of that in the future never give up on your dreams Beijing which everywhere don’t give up your success the other side okay Hey yes everything stop believing in all people I believe so you are because I believe in myself I had overcome so much adversity to use me as an example if you coming off drugs alcohol suicide if people down don’t put yourself down your greatest asset right the sun right Phoenix out of five you and the only way you could do is if you don’t give up C. thirty first of July with some of the most inspiring people in the U. K. tough times tough people but it’s just hard to get that balance back no need to cry you can generate why are you walking through leave what did you want me to put you down the greatest revenge is success I’m still a little bit in there over an hour the stock boom never give up %HESITATION thank you so much those grades also read