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#016 Mindset And Making Millions With Sunil Patel

#016 Mindset And Making Millions With Sunil Patel

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a millionaire?  In this episode I am joined by Sunil Patel aka the Student Loan Millionaire who used a University Student Loan to become a self made millionaire. Sunil is a Property Investor in the U.K and Dubai, he is also CEO of Integrity Events Limited which has hosted events for entrepreneurs with speakers such as Eric Thomas and Gary Vaynerchuck. Sunil’s late Grandfather Fought alongside Mahatma Gandhi as a freedom fighter for India. In addition, Sunil is an international motivational speaker and mentor. To date Sunil has created many millionaires with his knowledge. Sunil is passionate about property, crypto, motivation, business and hustle.

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