Suzana Kalcic

Life in practice, so what’s this all about?

There are two ideas behind practice – 

First one is about what we put into practice consistently is what will create our desired results.

Second one is about putting our values into practice.

The reason why I want to explore these themes is I found that in most conversations on personal development people tend to focus more on wanting to know the hack, the quick fix or the shortcut to achieve a desired result but when you delve deeper into people’s journeys it’s not the quick fixes that led to their success but rather what they practiced consistently over a long period of time and I think this is where the gem of wisdom is to be found.  

So instead of asking my guests about the short cut I want to know what have they had to practice consistently in order to overcome challenges and attain success?

Putting our values into practice I think is key to creating more meaning and fulfilment and is often a neglected topic in personal development where the emphasis is usually on how to reach a goal or a milestone of success. 

But what’s the point of achieving a goal without working on our own character and using our values, principles and that which is life affirming to guide us instead of just our own selfish desires?

We have beautiful principles like integrity, compassion, courage, justice, love but if we don’t put them into practice they will remain as theoretical concepts and not our lived experience.

To make them real we need to put them into practice and I want to explore how we can do that in our everyday lives so I ask my guest what do they value most and how do they put it into practice?

Another inspiration behind the podcast is, that I am person who stutters and for so many years that has held me back and gave me a very limited perspective on my own capabilities, clouded in shame and anxiety at having difficulties in expressing myself. I know what it’s like to feel in a dark place and I hope this will be a beacon of light for anyone who is going through the same thing. If I can do it believe me you can too. 

One of the things that helped me a lot was listening to podcasts and interviews and hearing people’s stories and experiences, I felt a lot less alone and it gave me inspiration and encouragement to keep going. I wanted to do the same for others and create a platform as more than ever it’s vital we stay connected and inspire each other with our own stories and what we have learned and most importantly to remind us that we are not alone on this journey.

Join me on the podcast as my guests share their challenges, successes and what it means to put our purpose, our values and our lives in practice.